Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The one post week

I'm a headless chicken this week.

I've been busy finishing up sewing and monogramming projects that need to be done as well as hemming the husband's pants.

In addition, I've been making my house spotless because the M Bed & Breakfast is open for business this weekend. The O's will arrive Friday evening to stay with us through Sunday. I've also decided to throw a little wine and dessert gathering Friday night for five couples (butter pecan bundt cake, strawberry cake with cream cheese icing and fresh berries, brownies, cookies, fruit and dip, FYI). And if that's not enough to make me one crazy banchee I got and throw a small dinner part for 6 on Saturday, stuffed pork tenderloin, broasted red potatoes, salad, bread, and dessert, if you're wondering. Recap: guests all weekend, wine and dessert gathering for 10 on Friday, and dinner party for 6 on Saturday.

So I suppose I'll be going to the grocery store tomorrow.

By the way, Addy, will you be swinging by this weekend? There's gonna be food and wine (see above!).

Work has kept me slightly stressed this week. We currently don't have a web/graphic designer so guess who does ads? That's the marketing department. Oh right, I am the marketing department. I'm creative, I can come up with new and fresh ideas, I can layout an ad or marketing piece, I can edit and change made pieces, but a designer I am not. I may have lead them to believe a lot of things, but my being a design guru was not one of them.

That said my VP loved my ad and raved on the good job I did. Great! Now he's going to expect that of me more. Seriously, it was a small ad and not that hard, but it took me nearly two whole days. If it were a large ad it would be a train wreck. Ugh!

Enough about work.

Oh, so get this. I went to the shoe shop earlier this week to drop off one of my black boots. Apparently this little incident compromised one of my heels. It wasn't broken, but it was weaker and I didn't want it to break. As if I'm not graceful enough I can see my heel breaking while I'm out in the rain a mile from my car in a dress and tall boots. Why? Because that's my life. Anyway, as I was leaving the guy (an older grandfather like fellow) called after me "wow, you have such beautiful hair." You could have knocked me over with a feather. Now I like my hair ok, it's served me well for, errr, 21 years (who's counting really?) but it's never been what I'd call beautiful. It's grown a lot and it seems that long hair is usually prettier, but mine is also fine and limp and although I feel it looks fairly nice as I leave my bathroom vanity of the morning, it's usually a hot mess by the time I reach work. No matter my hairstyle, it doesn't hold style very well. So in short, my hair is nervous about returning to the shoe shop tomorrow, it has a lot to live up to now.

I woke up to this outside my door this morning. Isn't it pretty? It will probably last for at least 30 minutes!

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