Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Mackipoo

Our pooch is two years old today. We adopted him nearly 8 months ago. The calm, timid, meek, docile little creature we met at the rescue is actually a colorful mix of crazy.

Yes I made him a special party hat, did you expect anything less? He's not a super fan of things on his head so J had to hold it there while I snapped a quick picture. He much more prefers eating the party hat, as illustrated below.

Our little family will celebrate tonight with hamburgers, because that is Mack's favorite dish. He'll have his own burger with cheese and perhaps a little peanut butter for dessert.
He's one spoiled pooch with some great birthday loot. We got him a jolly roger collar, because nothing says preppy bad ass like a jolly roger collar, and that's exactly what he is. He also got a new t-shirt that says "Tough Guy" which I find hilarious because he's, um, well, not. I wanted to get the one that read "Lover not a Biter" but that's a lie and Mack is nothing if not honest.
Lastly, J picked up a big bone for him. Big. Two-feet long big, so roughly the size of the pooch. Hopefully he'll chew on that for a while and it will entertain him on weekend mornings when we would enjoy sleeping past 6 am.
Speaking of chewing, let's review what the Mackipoo has eaten this week:
  • a disposable razor
  • the lid to a bottle of happy perfume
  • twenty-five dollars
  • a hairbow
  • strings of thread dug out of the vacuum
  • coupons
  • sticky paper (for sewing/monogramming use)
  • the tail to my beloved Eeyore (of which I barely saved)

Strange that he's not intersted in his puppy food.


Amy said...

You can never make fun of me again for taking Vader to McDonalds or buying him a dog cake for his B-day! Your dog has a party hat!!!!

destinationbeautiful (b-love) said...

Aw! Happy birthday! You and J are such good doggie parents. :)

Platinum Rose said...

Happy (belated) Birthday to Mack!!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, mack!

(and, a disposal razor? ouch!)

JayJenny said...

Happy belated 2nd birthday to Mack!! I can so feel your pain -literally!!