Monday, January 14, 2008

All in the Life of a Southern Belle

Saturday morning was muffins, mimosas, and manicures with the girls. It could have only been better with bagels and smoked salmon because that my darling, is divine!

Saturday afternoon I assisted J in the home construction and tore out the walls of the bathroom-to-be (in a monogrammed hoodie no less).

By Saturday night I was pretty and presentable for dinner out as J and I treated the Rev. and his wife to a scrumptious meal at our favorite little place.

Yes, this is my life. All in a Saturday for a Southern Belle.


Sunday was just as random as we visited my cousins and their darling baby for lunch and to give little K a few goodies to celebrate her first birthday. Afterwards we had to run a few quick errands (fine-I needed my Target fix and J needed his Home Depot fix) and retrurned home, exhausted. But then freshened up when I realized there was an impromtu wine party, at my house! Although it lasted right through my bedtime, it was fabulous and with my most dearest and darling friends: Mrs. O and Mrs. S.


Looky here at this pretty new thing! That would be the armiore in the den. J is so loving it now and so glad that he thought of it. And by that I mean he confessed to me he wanted me to get it so he would have a little clout for new tile floors. Men!


Mack ate a wine cork. Good grief! I suppose next time we'll just give in and pour him a glass as he requested.


I had to run by the mall for a few quick errands on my lunch and saw a woman who was freaking old and should just accept it who was forty if she was a day and wearing a trendy little, and I do mean little, sweatsuit with aber.crom.bie plastered across both her breast and her bum. Why Internet? Why? I've decided I'm going to have to be a one woman show of Stacy and Clinton in MyTown and save these people from themselves. I'm by no means a fashionista, but I can certainly dress myself appropriately!


I also discovered the MyTown just got a WhiteHouseBlack Market. Yippie! I have no idea how long it's been open. I don't think it was there for Christmas shopping, but then again I'm not a huge mall shopper. Although you can bet I'll be scouring the clearance racks there now.

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