Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bridal Gallery Part Trois

The long awaited Bridal Gallery Part Trois. Visit my pictures, the original gallery, and part duex.

Here is the darling Zoe at her Vegas weddings. She says it was everything she'd hoped for and she's propping up her foot so you can see the matching sneakers she wore with her dress.
Here is Megan. Megan has one of the most beautiful gowns that I've ever seen and I'm pretty sure that only her cute little figure could pull it off. Just look at that train! Just watch that girl work it while dancing with her dad! Precious! I love the picture of her outside with the little bridge--so charming. But the most festive picture I've seen is the first one where she and her nuew husband are running away in a sea of rose petal confetti. Gorgeous!
Internet, because I love you and want you to be happy, I share the following pictures with you. These are from Mrs. S's wedding (see more in part duex). The first one I title: "Boobs and Blooms Florist--We can grow anything!" The second picture would be us girls doing the shopping cart. I'm not sure why it was so small, but rest assured that we were working it! Last is the crew known as The Bracelet Girls (we were all bridesmaids) stuffing our faces with mashed potatoes in martini glasses. Everything someone took a bite, I drank their champagne. Am I ashamed? Not one bit!

This is Mrs. G-one of the bracelet girls. She called us up and said "I'm getting married in eleven days, can you be there?" Of course we all arranged and rearranged as we wouldn't miss this day for anything. Her dad (yes, her dad) put together her sweet, charming, beautiful wedding in just 11 days. Wow! He's my hero. I love her little shrug and cuff (it was freezing cold in January). She also got married in a little chapel in a state park in which the entire back of it was a giant boulder. It was very unique.

Here I am as Maid of Honor at my friend TaTa's wedding. The middle picture is me with B and L, two of my most darling friends. We date back the beginning of high school when we were all cheerleaders together. We hadn't all been dressed alike in 8 years! However this time we didn't get dressed in stages in the back of the car while hitting up 4 fast food places (one for the best fries, the best drink, etc.) and rushing back before the football bus left us. Then, it's me and my smokin' hawt husband! Dayum girls look at him!

Here is E (also a bracelet girl). We'll call her E. as she too is a Mrs. M. She and her hubs (also a J actually) had a very fun reception with square dancing lessons. Also, they got to ride off too and from the reception in the neat old Model T. How cool is that? Is she classic beautiful or what?

Mrs. O, one of my most darling and treasured friends. We've been peas and carrots since the fifth grade and always vowed to bail the other out of jail. That's true frienship I tell you. J and I were both blessed to be in the wedding of she and the Mr. He and J are peas in a pod too. They had a beautiful, bee-you-tee-ful wedding, with lots of wine!

My sweet friend (and bracelet girl) Mrs. Y. I love the picture of them in the field and the cute picture of them holding hands across the door. They did not see each other (at all!) before the ceremony. Sorry the picture is sideways, but if you look closely she is trying so hard to barely catch a glimpse of him. By the end of the night at their wedding the bartenders had drinks ready for Mrs. S and I, and on schedule!

Lastly, another high school friend A. We were cheerleaders together as well. Although she didn't stick with it, we were also in all the nerd classes together and in several cases the only two girls in said nerd classes. She's is one sweet and precious girl. My wedding photographer did her pictures which could make me biased in saying they are the most beautiful things ever. EV-ER!
These whimsical, sweet, and romantic shots speak for themselves.


Amy said...

I love how each wedding has its very own personality! And it is amazing how each bride is beautiful in their own way!

Kristen Miller said...

Very cute! I always LOVE the wedding pics. Go see 27 Dresses...I think you'd appreciate it. :)

Platinum Rose said...

Awwww, yay! Thank you for all the tons of sweet comments you made about my wedding :-) You have me blushing!