Friday, January 11, 2008


Sometimes everytime you turn around life is super unfair.

I had an old friend (I've known her since I was 11) to lose her baby this week. She delivered early after she and the baby were in danger and her child died four days later. This after she's had two miscarriages.

Wow! Just wow!

My heart is breaking for them.

How is it that this has happened to someone I know really well two times in such a short time frame. Samuel was born on November 30, but feels like yesterday.

Again, how is it that crack whores get knocked up everyday? They smoke, drink, and deliver healthy children that they abandon and neglec. Or promiscuous sixteen year old girls get preggars and have quiet abortions (of which they don't even have to tell their parents about)? But fabulous, married, kind and loving people who want families can't seem to get there? How? Why?

Please pray for my friends during this sad and difficult time for them.


Anonymous said...

it IS so unfair!

and, that's exactly what i thought when i miscarried at 12 weeks.

i'll never understand.

Kas said...

Ugh that is so true. I'll be praying for your friends.

Alicia said...

My prayers are with them. I agree. It really is so unfair, but I always try to remember that God has a plan....whether we stick to it or not. He has a plan for your friends and it may not be an easy one, but He is in control. I will continue to pray for them.

Michelle said...

Wow. I'm literally crying. What an awful, awful thing to happen to your friends. I don't know why life is so unfair. My own BFF can't have children and my heart just breaks for her...she so desperately wants them. I wish we knew the answer as to why. Maybe then we could fix things. For now, all you can do is be there for your friend. I can't imagine the pain that is coursing through her right now. I'll be praying.

JayJenny said...

I'm so sorry for your friends. Life is unfair sometimes and it's hard to see the meaning behind something so heartbreaking. I'm glad your friend has you, she'll need the love, support and friendship you can provide. I'm so very sorry.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

That is sad. I cannot even imagine going through that and it does seem as if it happens to the sweetest couples who really would make exceptional parents!

I'm sorry for your friends.