Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Remember when I got a new job about three months ago? Well it sure kicks my bum at times. I mean coming in at 7am and leaving at 6pm and taking it home and ohmygoodness who was I doing this crazy stuff? I've had a baptism by fire you could say and nearly peed my pants all over when I got fancy schmancy business cards that said Mrs. M Marketing Executive. Executive? Please! Me? Whoa!

I've done a lot of awesome things here and even surprised myself a few times. On the flip side I've also dawdled in nose picking quite often and had a few screw-ups. I was hoping to work really hard all through December and the first of next year ask my boss for a meeting on my progress and just pretend that the craziness of the holidays pushed it back from three months til four.

Today when I met with him to sign off on a few documents and he asked me to shut the door. Oh dread! That's something you never want to hear. He started off with the "I don't think a three month evaluation is necessary" (great--I suck so bad I'm just getting a do better or hit the road!) "but I did put in for the raise I promsied you if everything went well and it was approved this morning and will be effective next pay period."

Do I even need to tell you that I had to pick myself up off the floor? I've not actaully been here three months just yet and ohmygoodness he likes me and I do a good job and they want to throw money at me so bring it on! I think this calls for a celebration! Hmmm, dinner out, a new bottle of wine, and 4ct t.w.diamond earrings! Well, two out of three ain't bad.

Raise! Raise! Raise! I gotta raise!

Now if you'll 'scuse me I need to go shake out my panties!


Kas said...

Congrats! And what great timing right before Christmas and all! You rock Mrs. M!

Mrs. T2 said...

Congrats on the raise!! That is great!!!

Platinum Rose said...


Cakabaker said...

Congrats on the raise!! And if I was picking the two outta three, I'd pick the earrings!!

JayJenny said...

Congratulations on your raise! You definitely deserve it!!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...