Monday, December 03, 2007

Getting Festive

The season has officially begun! My house is all decorated complete with four trees, 6 wreathes, a dash of poinsettias (please let them survive my black thumb through the month), three Nativity scenes, a scattering of snowmen and penguins, plenty of lights and beautiful ornaments and accessories that are hung on the trees and filling up every room, and peppermint tea on just ready to be sipped.
Did you get your Christmas cards out for the competition? Mine were all safely dropped in the mail on Saturday morning. Do you not know about the competition? Let me explain. The object of the game is to be the first Christmas card to arrive at a home not postmarked before December 1. All cards arriving before December 1 are too early and therefore disqualified. You're probably wondering how you know if you were the first to arrive. You ask. Example:
Mrs. Friend: Oh Mrs. M I received your Christmas card today and it was an absolute delight. You were dashing and my, my your husband is quite the handsome man. By the way--that's the cutest pooch I. have. ev-ah! seen.
Mrs. M: Oh darling you're too kind, by the way was I the first card to arrive at your lovely home not postmarked before Dec. 1? I was? Fabulous.
Check one for the M house! By the way, I nearly always win the competition. Perhaps because no one else (besides Mrs. KS but we're usually tied as we have different Christmas card lists although we do like to compare) is playing but that doesn't bother me. Oh, and if you think my game is silly, that doesn't bother me either. My husband tells me it's silly as well.
I love Christmas festivities. We have a few cocktail parties to attend as well as an ornament exchange, and a tea. I'm also debating a little Christmas soiree at none other than the M house to be held the weekend before Christmas. Our home is so cute and decorated and I'd love to share that with our friends. And while they're there share a little cheese and wine among other goodies. Who needs an invitation?
I've nearly all my Christmas shopping complete although I have quite a few gifts to finish up since I'm making them. I'll share the completed items. I have gifts to put in stockings but since my husband resembles a toddler during gift time, I'm not sure it's safe to fill them yet. I'm also cleverly orchestrating travel arrangements and a way to be in approximately 4,325 places from Christmas Eve morning until returning home Christmas night.
As if that isn't enough, I do believe their is also one helluva celebration to be had in Memphis for New Year's. J and I plan on a roadtrip with Mr. and Mrs. O to visit the S's and to also see our old friend from high school T.M. and her husband. There will be plenty of wine, beer, and jack to be had for the weekend as it's always a party to be had when we ladies are together. I can't think of a better way to send out 2007 and ring in 2008 than with my dearest friends.
What do you have planned this festive holiday season?
(Let's not mention that little game thing as I am still crying big orange tears!)


Kas said...

OOO Fancy! I just took a picture that I'm going to make into our cards, but I just yesterday figured out how to bluetooth it to my computer! AACK! Good thing I don't participate in this game!

We are (obviously) going home for Christmas, so I'm not decorating our apartment. We really don't have room for more decorations anyway! And we have been talking of going to Memphis for New Years too! I've never been, but have heard it is a blast!

Swistle said...

So, okay, LAST year, I was still barfing from morning sickness and also the twins were newly walking, so I wanted to get my cards done nice and early. I sent them out something like the 7th. And people were FREAKING OUT on me, getting all embarrassed because they hadn't sent out their cards yet, making thinly-veiled "compliments" about how "organized" I was, etc. This year I am card-shy.

In your game, cards that arrive in November are disqualified, yes?

Michelle said...

There's seriously a competition? Wow. This is the first I've ever heard of it...and although I've got my list ready, I have yet to buy the cards. Maybe it has something to do with my son's pictures not being back from school yet. {The preschool took Christmas photos} Well. Now I know. Thanks again for filling me in. LOL.
We're staying home for Christmas this year since we went to my parent's for Thanksgiving. I'm sure we'll have dinner with DH's family either Christmas Eve or Christmas. We'll also be staying home {in town} on New Year's. My BFF is supposed to come up and spend several days with us if the weather isn't too bad to drive up. I'm hoping that she does...there is much Jack & Coke to be had, as well as Cosmos and champagne...and munchies of course. It's always a hoot when the 2 of us are in the same room! Plus, 2008 will mark 20 years of us being friends. 20 years...are we getting old or what?!?!?

Platinum Rose said...

Wow, you sure go all out for the season! 4 trees?? And all those other decorations? I like your cards, cute! I am working on getting mine out still, I am not doing a photo card this year though I really do like those kinds! You are so ambitious and creative you put my lazy butt to shame!