Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Today J and I will drive to be with our friends during baby Samuel's funeral. It seems so wrong to say "baby" and "funeral" in the same sentence. I woke up with such a since of sadness and dread. I can't even imagine what the parents feel. They continue to amaze me with their strength and attitude. They know that Samuel was put here for a reason and that his live did and does have a purpose. In a recent email I received Mr. T3 quoted his wife as saying "I don't believe that God wanted to give up his son either, but He did."

Wow! Just wow!

I dressed very carefully this morning. I'm sure this is just me, as I have many quirks, but I'm always so afraid of standing out or being remembered for something I wore to a funeral. For example, I have a black sweater vest with a cream and lavender argyle print on the front that I wear over a striped button down. I was going to wear it with my black wool skirt and boots, but I get compliments every time I wear that shirt/sweater. I don't want to be wearing it in a few months and someone think "Oh that's what Mrs. M wore to the funeral." Instead I chose a little more ho-hum combo and even changed sweaters away from the one with lace. My first top choice had to be changed since it was in the laundry with salsa on the front. (Normally just being in the laundry wouldn't stop me, but the crusty salsa did!)

I realize most people probably don't notice or remember, but I have an extremely vivid long term memory and can give details of days and events that happened years ago. (On the flip side of that my short-term memory sucks and a short mental list of pick up dry cleaning, get milk, fold towels, and water plants gets completely forgotten. Well, until a few months when my long term memory kicks in!) I remember the very nice top I wore to my dad's funeral. I had to get rid of it because I simply couldn't wear it again. I tried on several occasions because by gosh that was a nice top! Maybe I should have saved it for occasions such as this. (Or maybe I should have gotten and el cheapo outfit somewhere that would be disposable as I'm sure I'd have gotten rid of anything that I had worn on that day.
On to a quick note that is much happier and lighter, you do recall the Christmas Card competition, yes? It's great to get an email like this one to save you from the oh-so-subtle asking.


Platinum Rose said...

My heart goes out to the T3 family today, during a harder time than I hope to ever have to imagine. I am glad they have good supportive friends like you to lean on.

Kas said...

Baby funerals are the worst. Unfortunately, I have already been to my fair share. I'm still keeping your friends in my prayers. It sounds as though they have the comfort of the Lord with them, and that is what will help them through this tough time in their life. And, of course, wonderful friends like yourself. :)