Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Class Reunion

A couple of weeks ago one of my darling friends made a trip to Michigan for her 10-year class reunion. This event lead me to a topic of conversation within my group of friends about attending or not attending class reunions.

My class reunion will be in three years, and I have no intention of going. Mrs. O (she's been my friend since the fifth grade!) and I have always said we have no desire to go, and thus far have stuck to that.

The few close friends I have from high school I keep in touch with regularly. Half of them were not even in my class and therefore wouldn't be at the reunion anyway. There are another few friends that I don't consider close, but we once were, and we chat regularly through email and make plans for dinner when one of us are passing through the others town, etc. The others, well frankly I couldn't care less. Besides, with Facebook and MySpace I know exactly what these people are doing without having to travel and spend a weekend making pleasantries and empty promises of "I'll keep in touch" and "Call you soon."

In addition, a few older friends from my high school that have attended their reunions discussed the utter lameness and waste of time that it was--just as (I/we) expected.

Let's talk about reunions I might enjoy. I would like a reunion from my college days. Graduating members of my major and The College of Communications would be fun. In addition I could really enjoy a PRSSA reunion (the cause of the hula-hooping on the bar while karaoke-ing to Madonna in hot pink sneakers and a cocktail dress episode in New Orleans.). I may or may not be interested in a reunion from any of my other activities and committees, it would depend on my feelings at the moment. I didn't have a great deal of close friends in said activities that I care to catch up with beyond above mentioned sites.

However, the best reunion I could think of would be a sorority reunion with the fabulous Gamma Girls. My nearest and dearest friends are a product of my sorority. GFTS (she was also with me through PRSSA, classes, and lasted the perils of being my roomie), Mrs. S, Mrs. Y, Mrs. LN (also known as the Bracelet Girls), Mrs. H, and the list goes on. Thankfully I'm regularly in touch with these lovely ladies as well as several others through our sorority alumni group, so I suppose that is a reunion of sorts, and it's once per month.

Back on subject, did you or will you go to your high school class reunion? Why or why not? What about other reunions? Would you like other (i.e. college, sorority, etc.) reunions and would you go? Go ahead, discuss.

(I'll just be over here in a state of nostalgia singing the alma mater: On a hollowed hill in Tennesse like beacon shining bright, the stately walls of old UT rise glorious to the site. So here's to you old Tennessee, our alma mater true. We pledge in love and harmony our loyalty to you! Now let's break it down: G-A-M- GAM, M-A GAMMA! S-I-G SIG, M-A SIGMA, G-A-M- GAM, M-A GAMMA Siiii-iiiig-ma! WOO!)


JayJenny said...

To attend or not to attend, that is the question. Jay and I graduated from a small town (there were a little over 100 in our class) and we're still in close contact with anyone we'd really care to see. But if the majority of our friends go, I'm sure we will too. We're always game for a party with our nearest and dearest!

girl from the south said...

Since I graduated with only 10 in my high school class, most of us get together regularly for dinner. Well, at least the people that I care about.

I'm glad that I made the reunion list. :) At some point, we need to go through the contents of our secret Gamma Sig boxes. That could be quite interesting to go through in 2014. Let's recreate the pub crawl.

I do wonder what happened to Jill, LaShonda and Lauren. A PRSSA reunion would be interesting. LaShonda probably has her own PR firm by now.

The Robbins Nest said...

I did not attend my high school reunion. I don't regret it either. Like you my closest girls our my best friends from my sorority days and the special girls I have had the good fortune of meeting since my college days. I am very content to leave my high school days behind. My husband on the other hand went to his and hung out with all of his friends that he normally hangs out with here..go figure.

Cakabaker said...

Last month I did go to my class reunion (30 years)! We have a reunion every five years, and I have not missed one. There were only about 23 classmates there (our class was small) but it was still a nice time. There are people that show up that have never attended before and it is always nice just catching up. Even tho some of us live close, life happens and we don't get to see each other very often. Looking forward to the 35th :)

Rusti said...

Al & I went to our 5 year reunion (and in doing so I had to miss Jenny's reception!! :( I got to see the wedding though - and that's the important part!!) and we had a good time...about 23 people came, plus their significant others' and we met at a sports bar... we did a lot of talking, drinking, eating, playing pool, and even saw the comedy show...

We also are from a small town - we're a village actually!! - and our graduating class had only 27 people in it, plus 5 exchange students - and probably 20 or so of us had been friends since kindergarten... and although we still keep in contact as much as possible - we are all so busy growing up :)

Our ten year reunion in '09 will be more interesting, as since our five year quite a few people have gotten married/divorced/had kids/started careers/moved away/had major life events, etc. etc... I hope we still have a good turnout though...

We'll see!!