Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Bridal Gallery, Part Deux

It seems a couple lovely ladies missed out on the fun. So without further adieu let me share with you Rusti and Mrs. S.

Also, this is last call---I'm going to do a Bridal Gallery Part Trois if you're interested. You have until this weekend to get your pictures to me, and I'll post it next week. (Ahem, Zoe--you promised you were sending pics!) Send one, two, or ten. I'll take your favorite professional or snapshot and if you only have them with a friend or hubby--that's fine too. We're pretty laid back at the M Bed & Breakfast. Go search now, don't miss the fun!

Here is Rusti. I just love bouquet pictures like this. I also really love Rusti's Autumn-hued bouquet. She got married on my birthday, did you know that? Yes, November 25 is definitely a date you should remember! I was getting my engagement pictures made the day she got married--how fun is that?

This is simply the most gorgeous pictures I've ever seen. Rusti looks sassy, sexy, classy, and beautiful all in one glance! I love that she is giddy-happy but without big teethy smile, it's all in her eyes! She looks so timeless. Rusti-I hope you have a big copy of this in your house!

Cute as it can be! I love this sweet little picture. Just look at that big puffy dress and how darling she looks perched in the middle of it. Beautiful!

Ah, the window picture. I do so love window pictures. I think this shot captures a wedding day as she looks like she's waiting for the most wonderful thing in her life to happen.

The only thing I love more than window pictures, are kissing pictures. I love this shot. Do they or do they not look positively hot for each other? They even make "hot for each other" look classy! Look at her beautiful hair too!

This is perfect, perfect, perfect! I hope this is a huge canvas in your home. It captures the love and happiness of your wedding day and is so timeless and classic. (I'm all about the timeless and classic, can you tell?)

She's bringing sexy back! I had to include this picture to show off that stunning back of her dress--sexy indeed!

Next, we have one of my best friends, Mrs. S. She was the first of the Bracelet Girls to marry, although we were all engaged at the time and proceeded to get married in the next 6 months. And, as if that weren't enough, we were all a part of each other's wedding--talk about an (expensive/fun/high emotional) year!

This is one of her favorite pictures. She and B were hanging out between pictures gazing lovingly into each others eyes and she's playing with her feet. It is precious!
The bouquet shot again. I love it to pieces. She looks gorgeous in this picture.
A classic (and timeless--don't think I'd forget that) bridal picture. Mrs. S had a December wedding which was perfect decor for her favorite color, red! The church was decorated beautifully with minimal effort on her part. Also, her favors were little Christmas ornaments. Isn't that neat?
I love this beautiful, sweet, and sincere shot of Mrs. S gazing at her bouquet. She was so giddy all day. (Turn your head sideways for the full effect.) I love that profile shot and how elegant and graceful she looks here. Beautiful!
And lastly because she insisted I post this, would be me in rare form getting my groove on with the groom at the reception. This was after several double fistings before the open bar closed, and then finishing off about five other people's champagne after the toast because "they didn't like it." Are you kidding me? They didn't like it? Well, I hated to see all the money go to waste, so I drank it for the S's!
Now go visit Rusti and tell her how stunning and beautiful and gorgeous, and lovely that she is. And leave all of the same lovely comments here for Mrs. S as she doesn't have a blog, although she could because the mother-in-law fodder I get could keep us all entertained for day.


Kas said...

Awww I love them all. So pretty!

Cakabaker said...

Rusti's wedding was absolutely gorgeous from an "I was there" point of view :)Fall is my favorite time of year (I was married in Sept.)and I was honored to make her cake (french vanilla with chocolate frosting). You can see a pic of her cake on my blog. If you can't see it, drop me a line: and I will invite you.

Mrs. S's pics are beautiful!I think Christmas would be my second choice for a wedding, I could think of a thousand ways to decorate :) I love her bouquet shot, she looks absolutely stunning!

Rusti said...

Thanks for your complimentary words Mrs M!! And thanks also for letting me in still ;) You did a fantastic job of choosing which pics to use - THANKS!!

And Mrs S - beautiful!!!

Amy said...

WOW!!!!!!!! Everyone has something unique and beautiful in each picture! I love, LOVE Rusti's poofy dress pic! I so wish I had thought of something like that! And I adore Brittany and Jennifer's mirrow pics.

~Mrs. S

Kristen Miller said...

They are just beautiful! I'm with you...I love those bouquet shots.

I'm also a big fan of you gettin' freaky. Too fun! Thanks for sharing. :)

brittny said...

How fun! I'm glad there's a part two. I'm anticipating that Zoe will be part 3??

Platinum Rose said...

It's so neat you are posting all these pictures! I will try to send you some of my favorites tonight...

Platinum Rose said...

P.S. I too loved all of Rusti's pics, and really hate that there were some great shots that all these brides got, that I didn't think to get too! Like with the bouquet, or by a window, or sitting with your dress poofed around you. Darnit!