Thursday, October 11, 2007

My House Husband

Yesterday J had the day off from work. (Yeah, I know, lucky, lucky guy!) I took care of the pooch in the morning and put him in the garage so J could sleep in. (Yeah, I know, fabulous, wonderful wife!)

He actually didn't sleep too late, and accomplished quite a bit on a to-do list. I didn't make it either, it was just mental for him. His day looked something like this:

  • Make recycling center in the garage
  • Cut, paint, and hang shelves in the office closet
  • Take items to charity center
  • Go by hardware store for cord thingy with plug in for garage ceiling
  • BUY WIFE MUMS FOR FRONT PORCH (oh yes he did!)
  • Run errands at big box store
  • Take wife to lunch at Bravo! (yum!)
  • Weed eat and manicure lawn
  • Go to the grocery store
  • Clean garage
  • Cook dinner for wife (grilled talapia!)

Isn't he fabulous? I could get used to a house husband I think. Now I'm excited for reorganizing the office closet since there are fancy, pancy shelves.


Cakabaker said...

What a great guy, do you rent him out :)?

Mrs. M said...

Of course I rent him out! He doesn't come cheap, but in bargainista fashion, I'm willing to haggle.

Anonymous said...

I love when Matt has the day off! The lists I make for him on those days look similar to yours! :0)

JayJenny said...

You lucky girl!

Platinum Rose said...

Awwww, what a wonderful, and hard-working husband! Mums, eh? Thanks for giving me that idea, maybe I'll go get some!