Monday, October 08, 2007

The Bridal Gallery

Here they are, some of the most beautiful brides I've ever seen. Enjoy the gallery, and be sure to stop by the blogs of these lovely ladies and tell them just how lovely and beautiful they are!

First up, we have Laurenjean.

I love this gorgeous outdoor backdrop, absolutely breathtaking. The train on her dress is gorgeous, I love that length.
Are these two blonde cuties going to make beautiful babies or what? They are so cute in this picture. I really like this simple, yet dramatic bridal shot. I absolutely love her flowers--gorgeous! Laurenjean has a gorgeous prfile and the lighting is so complimentary.
Beautiful--just look at that hair! Simply gorgeous!
Next we have Jenny--oh how I love my Jenny! Look at this first scenic shot, isn't it beautiful?

This is such a sweet and tender picture. Precious!
I love window shots, doesn't this look romantic?
And just look at this sexy, sassy, lady below?
So much fun: I love this picture of her lying down with crossed ankles in the air.
Next is Kristen, who has some of the most gorgeous features I've ever seen, and a body to die for. Even after having a baby, she's one hot mama!

I love the very majestic, formal look to this picture. She looks so elegant.

A very sweet moment with her and the new hubby, I just want to wrap it up and tuck it away.

You can just tell they are so giddy and happy in love--total euphoria! I love this shot of her getting ready-look at how naturally beautiful she is!
Next up is Brittny-who I'm sure is a long lost sister of mine somewhere. First is a shot of her wedding party, aren't they cute? I love the little ones.

Next is a little pre-ceremony snapshot with her sister and Hey Brit--is that your mom? You didn't tell me! I love the color of her sister's dress and Brittny's hair is gorgeous.
And here is the famous "what am I doing?" shot. She says she's pointing to the slight burn mark from the seamstress ironing her dress. I still think she's pointing to the zipper and singing "bow chicka wow wow!" At any rate, you get an even better view of that beautiful hair and her long veil.And the last of Brittny and my favorite shot, her and Will. I think this is the cutest most happy picture I've seen. I want to have a blown up framed canvas of it on my wall, but well, that would be really weird now wouldn't it? I think it's the perfect shot of the cute-as-can-be couple.
And last, but certainly not least, we have Alicia. She was having issues making her pictures upload, so I only have two. But WOW! They'll blow you away.

Look at this one, it says so many things. It looks so romantic, but sexy and beautiful at the same time. It's a classic shot with the veil over the face.
And in true fashion, we save the best for last: This could hands down be my most favorite bridal portrait of all time. Just look at her work it! Alicia, are you secretly a supermodel? I'll bet her husbands eyes pop out of his head every time he sees this one!

I hope you enjoyed the mini gallery. A big fat THANKS to everyone who played along.


The Robbins Nest said...

WOW!!! everyone is just breathe taking!!! What a great idea to share the fun.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww, everyone looks so pretty! I would played along, but my pictures aren't online anymore & I kept forgetting to bring a few to work to have someone scan them in for me! Maybe I will do that soon, though!

Kas said...

They are all so pretty! I'm jealous that I didn't get to play along...I looked for mine last time we were home, and could not for the life of me find them. :( Oh well. I'm happy to see everyone else lookin so fine on their big day!

laurenjean said...

i am so happy that i got to be a part of this fun! i love wedding pics - they never get old to me. and kristen is an absolute beauty...omg...

Rusti said...

I always miss the fun contests and "play alongs" !!!! dang it! if you do Bridal Gallery - episode II let me know... I have some of my favorite pics online... I just didn't see the deadline!!

Cakabaker said...

Everyone is awesome looking! My pics are so old (29 years ago) that some of them are polaroids :)

Alicia said...

I am secretly a supermodel....yesum.
LOL. I loved being a part of this. Such a fun way to relive some awesome memories and share our weddings with so many of our friends!
The last one is my favorite bridal portrait as well. My photographer was too awesome!

Kristen Miller said...

How fun! Thank you for all of your sweet compliments. I loved getting to see everyones pics. You're the best blogger out there! :)

P.S. I think Alicia is secretly a supermodel too.

brittny said...

that was so much fun!