Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Speaking of Social Networking Sites

Who out there is into the social networking sites? (I'm not asking for your location/address, just if you use them). I know there are several, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and a host of other smaller ones that I've heard of but don't think have ever really caught on.

I have accounts on both Myspace and Facebook. I enjoy Facebook more as it is streamlined and seems more sophisticated. I really don't care for Myspace as I think it's slight ridiculous and rather tacky. I signed up under (boredom at work/peer pressure) at work and now can't seem to delete my account because well, everyone else is on there. The same goes for Facebook, although I do rather enjoy it. They do have a Dogbook on there. (I know!)

I have to say, I do like the fact that I can easily keep up with old friends and acquaintances; where they live, where they work, if they actually finished school, if they're married, if they know their baby's daddy, etc. It's nice to know if you move to a new city maybe you can find someone you knew to help you in a job search. I admit--it does have great qualities and can be rather neat.

As for Myspace, I don't like that some users try to be Internet cool (you know, like you and I already are) and add everyone as their friend. I will not be your friend if I don't know you, so go away! I also get annoyed that if someone does have a real announcement (I moved! I'm knocked up! Etc.) that it would never be seen because of the others with nothing more to do than fervently look for and post useless surveys and questionnaires. Seriously people, save those for a blog! That way people can at least ignore it.

And what about those who have an unhealthy addiction (to either or both) and can do nothing more with their time? For example, I was browsing at a couple of pictures from a recent wedding on a Facebook (another reason I love it!). The bride had posted messages on her site while on her honeymoon! Seriously people! Seriously! I don't even get online on vacation. But especially on your honeymoon? Well I can only presume that other honeymoon activities weren't so fabulous for you to freaking be playing online!

When it comes to such sites I do prefer Facebook over Myspace. It has a more uniform look and I can easily look at profiles, pictures, etc. Myspace is beyond annoying with some of the backgrounds and layouts. Also, I'd like for it to be mandatory that you take a design elements class before putting together a page. Seriously, some of them are so heinous that a 2-year-old with a box of crayons on their mother's sofa could have done better. Too much color, too much flash, too much crap that is useless and annoying!. (Can I get an Amen GFTS? I know you're all about good design!)

So I'm curious about your online social networking. Do you use a site? Why or why not? Which one and why? What is your love/hate relationship with it? Go ahead....let us all know.


The Robbins Nest said...

I tried using myspace-but I deleted it. I felt way too old to be using it and I kept getting invites from skanky looking women wanting to have a good time--so not my thing. I thought about browsing facebook to see what it is. The only site I use is linkedin and that is more a business networking is how I found my new job in SF.

Angelarae said...

I'm a Facebooker. Especially when I'm putting off doing homework - creeping on facebook can really help procrastinating.
I had a Myspace account - but used it once or twice. I think it still exists, but I don't use it at all.
I confess, I'm kinda addicted to FB - but not enough to post on a honeymoon! No thanks! :-)

Christy said...

I love Myspace! I've met 2 of my really good friends through there. It's also nice to keep up with friends and family that live out of town that I don't get to see. When I first signed up with Myspace none of my friends had even heard of it but I had fun finding those that did. I do have Facebook but don't use it as much as the Myspace. I also have My Church Space and My-God-Space.

.: HappyGirl :. said...

I only use MySpace. I tried Facebook, but didn't really get into it. I enjoy myspace because it keeps me in contact with the people I know and to see what they are doing. I don't have anyone on mine that I don't know you said, what would be the point?

I use to visit forums to talk about things such as tv shows and things like that but lately I don't touch the computer once I get home. I

Michelle said...

I haven't ventured to Facebook, and don't know that I will. I have a myspace page...there's a link to it on my sidebar. However, I must say that I'm so over myspace. I keep my page up, but I don't send comments too often, nor do I do too much on there. I used to. I hate my layout now, I personally think it sucks, but I don't care about changing it really. I keep this page up as a way to keep in touch with old HS friends and friends back home in Missouri. It's the only way I get anyone to really keep in touch. I'm more involved with my blog...and I do admit, I'm one of those peep's that needs to take a class. There's so much that I wish I knew how to do! LOL. I agree with you though...myspace is a little bit tacky.

Cherie said...

I was just telling a friend of mine that I feel so out of the loop because I'm not on facebook! So I'm considering it just because I'd like to be able to keep in touch with friends from college and such there. We'll see. Is it worth it? It may be now that we're moving.
And I was never even interested in myspace.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

OK you know I'm the old mama here at 38 (wink) and I JUST NOW signed up with Facebook. I do use Maya's Mom a lot and it's a fun site for moms. I also just signed up as a beta user for a new social network called Cre8Buzz.

OK am I a huge nerd girl or what! ;)

Rusti said...

I started out with Facebook, and later created a MySpace at the urging of some friends, I do like that I can keep in touch with people through both of them... but I rarely use either of them. I usually get on when I receive an e-mail saying "you have a new comment" or something :) No addiction there - but I DID get a Dogbook for Bo - thanks to you!! :)

Rusti said...

PS - When I signed up with Facebook you could only join if you were a college student/faculty/staff... now that they've expanded to include high-school AND anyone who wants to be in - I find I'm not sure that I like it as much... but again, I rarely use it. Oh - and my MySpace is private, so only people who know me can 'friend request' me :) No creepy people bothering me!!