Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm a picky panty girl.

I'm very particular about my undies. In fact, I have a quite a fetish for collecting undies. I've mellowed out some but in college I could have went three months without washing laundry and had clean undies on every day. Yes my friend, I probably had more than 100 pairs of panties. I'm very panty particular.

As I said, I've mellowed some, but I still have quite a collection. I wear two panties every day. No, not at the same time. You see, I have to put on fresh panties at night to go to sleep. Under no circumstances can I go to sleep in the panties I've worn all day long. No-sir-ee-bob that just won't happen. I also prefer sleeping in what I call "full butt panties." No granny panties, just simple bikini style or hipsters that have (go figure) a full butt in them.

Then, in the morning I put on yet another fresh pair of panties. Mostly because I wear thongs nearly every day (aren't you glad you know) because they work best with dress pants and dresses for work.

This makes total sense you know. What if I were in an accident and my clothes had to be cut off? I don't want to be known as the girl with the dirty, ratty panties! I'll be the girl with the pretty, clean, just put them on panties.

Another quirk? It drives me crazy to wear thongs with yoga pants and the equivalent. I have no idea why, but the giant wedgie it gives me makes me crazy (provided I'm half way there as it is.)
I also have a small reservoir of new panties in my lingerie drawer. It is my firm belief that new panties make (most) everything better. For example: already feeling crappy and know the day is going to go bad? Just wear new panties! Have an interivew/performance review/big test/speech/project/etc. Just wear new panties! Try it people, it works! There is a divine power in new panties.

As far as panty brands go, I love the VS Body by V. Collection. They're so smooth. I also like the regular cotton undies from that store. I have been wanting to try the Hanky Panky brand but haven't set out on finding them just yet. I also bought a few Gap undies and the microfiber ones are fabulous (the cotton, not so much.). I also have a few random Target (of course!) panties thrown in the mix.

What kind of panty girl are you?


JayJenny said...

At night - nothin'!

Kas said...

I love panties too! My momma always says "There is nothing like new undies to make you feel good all under!" :D I dig VS panties too, just the regular cottons. I'm not much of a thong girl myself, but prefer them to panty lines! I'll have to try out the Gap undies. I've never tried them.

Zoe D. said...

I LOVE VS cotton panties. I've recently fell in love with the PINK Hipsters. They're almost boy shorts, but not quite. Plus the come in low rise so my panties aren't sticking out of my pants. Of course, you always got to worry about butt crack;)

Anonymous said...

OK, you're a woman after my own heart!! I LOVE VS's panties!! I have about 50 pairs (hipsters, thongs, low rise, whatever)!! They're so comfortable.

Alicia said...

OMG!!!!! Your so totally me! I do the EXACT same thing....night time butt panties and all! Can't stand the wedgie burning holes in my sheets gives me while sleeping.

Rusti said...

My favorite panties are the bikinis in teh VS PINK collection - they are super cute, super comfy - and heck, I just love 'em! I also love some boy-cut unders that I found at Sears - I don't know what the brand is - but those are the most comfortable unders I've found... I love those a lot too... I often sleep in them, and either a T, tank - or nothin' at all :)