Friday, August 17, 2007

Annoyance of the Day: Lack of Manners and Common Courtesy

Let me preface today's post a bit. While I pride myself on being a Southern Belle in the truest form, I did not grow up in a proper society home where I took courses and attended cotillion. That said, I do have manners and common courtesy that I think should be/would be common sense.

Allow me to hop upon today's soapbox, will you? Thanks, you're so kind. Tomorrow I'm hosting a Bridal Tea for a girlfriend of mine (Ta Ta Twin if you've been keeping up). I'm her matron of honor in October. I sent out invitations a little more than a week ago. The invitations clearly stated:

*Please Respond 555-5555 or (email address).
I've resorted to often times putting "Please Respond" as I feel that warrants a yes or a no. I'm a fan of "Regrets Only" but people can't handle that. A good old fashioned "RSVP" seems too ambiguous for the masses. Now I did not put a respond by date, but it's clear that perhaps I should. To me, that is unnecessary to put on small gatherings. When I receive an invitation I check my calendar and I either can or cannot go and respond immediately. Done. The End.

I don't want to be too rigid, but I'm to the point of putting "Respond by X date or you will not be allowed in the door however you can leave your gift on the porch for the guest of honor to recieve. By the way you are a rude idiot!" Appropriate, no?

The guest of honor has rattled off names of people that are supposedly coming. However, thus far I've recieved only two phone calls of ladies who will be attending, and two emails of ladies who will not be attending. This is four out of twenty guests. For the love of all that is good and right in this world why can't you respond? Makes me want to do special place card cookies and the rude people who disregarded the "Please Respond" won't get one, or at least won't get one with their name on it. Hmph!

Then, (oh my word) THEN do you know what happened? I logged on to MySpace and there was an email of a girl who wanted to let me know she was coming. I'm speechless. Speechless Internet! Are you kidding me? You've received a formal invitation to a Bridal Tea, not a backyard, bring-your-own-side-dish barbecue, and the best you can do is send me a response via a MySpace message? You were online so you could have sent an email. Rude! Tacky! It's dead to me! I've pretended it doesn't exist.

What? Don't call me pretentious. She's the one that sent a formal response via MySpace.

That's all. I'll end the rant there. I'm off to make the chicken salad and spiced fruit tea as well as cut hydrangeas for centerpieces.


.: HappyGirl :. said...

I am one of the worst for RSVP'ing. I always forget to send it back. I do however call and let the party planner know if I can or can't make it.

Myspace replying was a little unpersonal and tacky.

By the way, I hope you have a great time!

Kristen Miller said...

Okay I don't know what it is with people and RSVPing. The worst is when they don't even bother to send in the one for a wedding. It's like...hello major event occuring! It's not like it's cheap either. I kinda need to know who's coming.

Some people are just so freaking obnoxious!

Alicia said...

Holy tacky on the myspace girl.
RSVPing is not hard. It seriously takes two seconds....a pet peeve of mine as well!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I hope it went well! Pictures? Update?

I think I am too "old" for MySpace. Tee hee. But that was the epitomy of rudeness...if she has a baby some day are they going to announce it on MySpace?!? WTH!? She was already online...just send an e-mail. You couldn't have made it any simpler!

The non RSVPers are a pet peeve of mine. I am trying to teach my girls simple manners...I will put this on my list! ;)

Rusti said...

Those people who don't RSVP drive me CRAZY - although I once received a call asking me if I was coming to a wedding, and I said "well, yes! I just put the RSVP in the mail this morning!" and was reminded of the date - which was the cut-off date!! OOPS! I wasn't paying attention to what the date was when I mailed it out (it snuck up on me!) But I really do think RSVP'ing on time is important!!

Swistle said...

I like your idea of a R.B.X.D.O.Y.W.N.B.A.I.T.D.H.Y.C.L. Y.G.O.T.P.F.T.G.O.H.T.R.B.T.W.Y.A.A.R.I.

goodtwin said...

As a mom who has hosted numerous showers and parties for neices, and just having had weddings for two daughters within 9 months, it drives me nuts that people can not be courteous enough, or have enough respect for the sender of the invite, to send a reply. (stepping on my soapbox) When you are pay $$ per meal, it is imperative that you get a 'close' count. The dang card is addressed, AND stamped, so all you have to do is write your name, 'x' a box and send it on its merry way. What is so flippin hard about that????? Another thing that irks me is when they say they are coming($$$) and then don't come because they didn't feel like it. Someone that has an emergency and can't make it at the last minute at least has the common sense to call.
I like the idea of the name cards for the ones that do RSVP. I was invited to a relatives wedding and before the RSVP's were due back we got a note from them saying that (paraphrasing here)'we have more people to invite. If we don't hear from you, your name will go on a list and the hostesses will not seat you'. Now, mind you, the RSVP was not due back yet, but that helped make my decision for me. THAT was RUDE.
I was brought up to respect my elders, say please and thank you, write thank yous for gifts,and RSVP on time. Where has our society gone to that these simple, but effective tasks, can not get done? People, train your youngster up in the way they should go!!!!!!!!! (Getting off MY soapbox now.)