Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In lieu of the regularly scheduled post, enjoy this moment of my day

I went to the bathroom this morning at work. Would have been fine except when I zipped my pants, the zipper just zipped right off! Zipped. Right. Off! Luckily I was wearing a belt that kept them closed. Of course, I was only wearing the belt because the pants were missing the button and it was the only thing holding them up anyway. Really, they're great pants (Express Khakis) despite the little malfunctions. Luckily I swapped pants at lunch. Jeans no less, so I'm laying low. However, I think we should start casual Tuesday's. All in favor?

Now what do I do with the pants? I really like these pants. They're great for ballet flats and kitten heels. I also can dress them down with a t-shirt and sneakers when I do JL projects that require us to dress as such. Getting the zipper fixed would be $15, a small price to pay. However you know how I shop so I doubt the pants were $15 to begin with. Geesh!

Speaking of bargains however, I've been wanting to read A Woman After God's Own Heart, and A Wife After God's Own Heart (both by Elizabeth George) since many other bloggers have said how wonderful those books are. I went to my local resale bookstore, and although I couldn't find them, I did find A Husband After God's Own Heart (Jim George) for J and it was only $4.00. In addition I purchased The Power of a Praying Wife ($.75 and hardback) and The Power of a Praying Husband ($1.50) as well as a couples devotional book for $1.50. It's a huge hardback so hopefully there is something good in there. We've been looking for a few new devotionals so hopefully the above will fit the bill and I can find the others I want when I return.

Do you know what's even better? I didn't really have to pay for any of the books because I trade mine in there often and had credit, and there is still some left!

Seriously, I need to get hopping on that bargain blog.


Michelle said...

OMGosh! I can't believe that your zipper popped out at work! Did you totally have open fly until you changed into your jeans? LOL! I can so see it...I'd be horrified. Hope you didn't get in trouble for wearing jeans. Your explanation should've been good enough if anyone asked.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so that really sucks about your zipper. I think I would have cried. And, I'd get it fixed because I have such a hard time finding pants that fit me.

And, I'd love to know how you like the new books.

Also, scoop neck shirts from Old Navy $5.99 baby. I'm all about a bargain blog.

Alicia said...

LOL, damn zippers!
You are THE bargain Queen!
I'm glad your pants didn't fall down!
A Woman......is an AWESOME book!
I'm almost ready to read A Wife........