Thursday, May 10, 2007

An Informal Poll

It's a lovely day outside. Who thinks I should blow off this silly little thing called work and go enjoy it?

I missed my hubby so much that I should buy him a dog. Yes/no?

These cute little things were an absolute necessity, yes?


Swistle said...

1) I'd be all for that. Except--if you're a little lonely in the house without your dear, that gives more hours of missing him.

2) I think dogs are more trouble than babies, so I'd vote no. But on the other hand, if you like dogs, then it would be a fun thing to think about acquiring.

3) Oh my god, you could not have lived ONE MORE MINUTE without those shoes, how could you even ASK?

JayJenny said...

Yes and

Mrs. M said...

Well I could console myself by kicking back on the patio with a book. Or going to the park! :)

I too, think dogs are more work than people. I'm so on the fence.

Amy said...

1 - Work sucks on a pretty day, but paychecks at the end of the week add up to a bunch of pretty days.

2 - I love my dog, but I spend a temendous amount of time and chicken nuggets making him happy. So be preared while they are loving and sweet animals, they are expensive, messy, and lots of work.

3 - OH MY GOD!!!! I need these shoes, who cares that I run a warehouse and could not wear them past the front door! These are to die for, and scream I am one hot lady!

Platinum Rose said...

Yes, Yes and Yes! Except to be "fair" the second "YES" is assuming your husband wouldn't hate you forever for that big surprise addition to the family!

Mrs. M said...

he wouldn't be upset, he's the dog lover, not me. I'm still on the "we'll have animals when we have children old enough to take care of them" boat.

Sitting said...


No way. Too much work.


Zoe D. said...

I hope you left work because it was a beautiful day!

I love my furbabies and would trade them for the world!

The shoes are a must! Blem it on missing him!

Mrs. Flinger said...

oh, no no no, not the dogs, not the dogs.

So, I did this one day. I purchased two tiny puppies because ONE was free! "Buy one for twenty bucks and have the other one!" Good lord. I still get crap for that decision.

Luckily he didn't leave me but there were times he almost left the dogs.

Stick with the shoes. Shoes! LOVE the shoes!

Lindsey said...

we are bringing the labs to town this weekend! call me if you want to come and visit them :)

Liz said...

i like your shoes ... but alas, gravaty has denied me wearing them and walking at the same time ... damn physics