Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Time on my hands

Having to much time on my hands stresses me out nearly as much as having too much to do. When I have a large open time frame (which to me could be three or four hours of an afternoon) of no plans I immediately make a mental list of what I could do, fun project things to do, not housework things to do. I feel such an urge to be productive. So while J is out of town* for a few days I think of all the things I could do (besides water the plants honey, I'm all over that!).

I have several projects I could work on the new purse design that I've not quite mastered. I could work on my online store a bit (coming soon!). I also have a few clothing items that need mended (boring!). I have a few birthday gifts I'm in the process of making. I could start on the cute invitations for Mrs. O-to-be's shower next month. So many possibilities! See where the stress comes in? What should I do? I have to breathe into a paper bag just because I want to do a project!

Of course, I could always just go shopping. I could buy those red shoes I've been coveting. Then, I could totally blame it on the fact that I was all alone and needed to console myself. Right?

Does anyone else get the productive jitters like I do? (Mrs. Flinger, this seems like you considering we're both OCD, anal-retentive, list-lovers.) What hobbies or projects do you do when you have time? What hobbies or projects would you like to do? Who thinks I should go buy red shoes?

*Not that having him in town cramps my style, it's just that I don't have those large open time frames all to myself.


Swistle said...

I get like this, too, when suddenly there's no one in the house but me. (This happens less and less frequently.) I vote for buying the red shoes. Maybe get them in another color in addition to the red.

JayJenny said...

I'd love an afternoon to consider my options!

Platinum Rose said...

Oh boy do I ever get those jitters! Why else would I have chosen a career that also means I have to study ALL THE TIME for like the next 10 years? Cause if I didn't have a "goal" to work towards of passing an exam (or at least attempting to) every 6 months, I would go nuts! At least you get to do fun projects! Mine kinda stinks - studying really isn't all that fun! But oh well!