Thursday, May 10, 2007


My darling (lovely, wonderful, very pretty, smells nice most of the time) husband is back in town and at the office. I just got this email from him:

Cupcake I just looked at your blog….is there anything you need to tell me?
Go ahead Internet, tell him how sad and lonely I've been this week and how I had to console myself in pretty, wedged, peep-toed, red things for my little piggies.*
*Honey, they were a good deal at only $14.99! Isn't that great? I felt as if I were stealing them at that price. I mean, seriously, they threw them at me as I walked past the door!


Cherie said...

That is hilarious! But seriously, at $14.99, you just COULDN'T pass them up. They're SO cute!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Retail therapy works every time!

I'm also a fan of margarita therapy, too. ;)

brittny said...

That is so funny. Hey- he can't be surprised at the shoes! If he read your blog he clearly can understand the pain and suffering you were feeling, and how those cute shoes offered so much solace. Hope you have a good weekend!

girl from the south said...

Pray tell where you got those shoes. Since I'll be in Knoxville next week, I need to snag a pair!

You might also need to remind Mr. M that the sale price or clearance sticker automatically gives you permission to buy it.

Mrs. M said...

you know, I've told him that and he just does not seem to get it! one day he'll understand.

the shoes were from ross's! they had them in brown too, but i've been feeling the need for some sexy red wedges!


Zoe D. said...

Hahahah! BUSTED!!! And geeze, at that price it would have been a crime NOT to buy them!

it's me, Val said...

Those shoes are adorable and that email was cracking me up!