Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday Top Ten: Things I Can't Live Without

Top Ten Things I Cannot Live Without
(and this goes without saying my husband, friends & family, love, world peace, etc.)

  1. Birth Control: I'd hate for my first baby to be named OOPS!
  2. Chap Stick: I'm sure there is a 12 step program for the chap stick obsessed such as myself.
  3. My Car: How far have you gotten without your car lately?
  4. My Phone: Seriously it's rare that I ever forget it, but if I do I get all panicky and start sweating and nearly need to breathe into a paper bag and all I can think about it what can I do to get to it the quickest!
  5. Hand Sanitizer: I don't want the funk everyone else has!
  6. Clorox Wipes: They clean anything and everything! Quick! Easy! Sanitary!
  7. Diet Coke/Coffee: Ahhh...Good morning to me!
  8. Planner: I'm a busy, busy girl! I've got to keep up with myself. It also contains my...
  9. List: I always have a list of something. I feel incomplete without it.
  10. Purse: My monstrosity of a handbag which contains all of the above items. Why yes, even my car! It's in there next to the kitchen sink.

Random other essentials off the top of my head: Contacts or Glasses (I'm so blind!), My Pillow (it's 25 years old and going strong! Hey Oprah...back off that bug crap about my pillow! I'm never getting rid of it!), Razor (I have horrible leg hair growth), and a book/mp3 player (because I often get bored and enjoy whipping one of them out of my magic bag at any moment!)

So what can you just not live without? Bonus points for those who list 10!

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Nicole said...

I just have to comment quickly on that first one. I once worked in a pediatric clinic and encountered a child whose nickname was Splash. Why, you ask? Because his mama delivered him while sitting on the toilet. Apparently she did not know she was in labor and thought she had to poop. Splash! It kills me still.