Monday, January 29, 2007

Dr. Mrs. M, Full Service Relationship Therapist

Remember when Mrs. M's Loveline was suddenly open by popular demand? Well, I've moved up in rank. I'm full on relationship troubles including marriage! Apparently after nine months of marital bliss J and I are just so unbelievably perfect that everyone wants to know the inner secrets of our relationship and how we remain so unbelievably perfect. That, or we put on a good show!

I still find it entertaining that I've suddenly had an entourage of people coming to me seeking relationship, dating, boy, marital, husband, etc. advice. I know it's normal for friends to talk about such things, but there has been quite a rush. And seriously, me?

My husband frequently enjoys hearing me on the phone giving advice and counsel. He'll often pause to listen before enthusiastically nodding his head and faux clapping. It's rather entertaining.

Perhaps I should write a column, a weekly question and answer. I'll syndicate it and answer relationship questions and solve problems from coast to coast. I'll be world famous for my oh-so-great relationship advice. Yeah, that's it........

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