Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Where is winter? It's certainly not in East Tennessee. It's always been the joke that if you don't like the weather her, drive five miles or wait five minutes because it is bound to change. However, it seems that you won't find winter.

The weather has been uncharacteristically warm for December. It was colder in October than it as now, as if Autumn and Winter have switched places. I've only worn a winter coat about twice this year.

I used to think that I loved to live in a place with all seasons and that I like to enjoy all types of weather. However, I'm rather happy with this mild winter. It's not unbearable to be outside and is quite pleasant. I've not had to run indoors all year. J and I have been able to take nice walks downtown and do things outside. It's been fabulous.

That said, I'm sure winter will surprise me at any minute. Or perhaps it will last all spring. At any rate, I'm enjoying the lovely mild winter thus far.

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JayJenny said...

Winter isn't here either!