Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Parties Galore

J and I have had Christmas Party overload this month. We've had four parties total during the past two weeks and the upcoming New Year's Extravaganza will be at our house.

Last weeks Junior League party was quite lovely. It was cocktail and hors' devours at a fabulous house on the river. There were several fireplaces, indoors and out, and Christmas trees in every room! It was fabulous. The food was good, the wine was better, and the conversation was splendid. I was able to meet a lot of new ladies whom I don't get a chance to talk with during the course of regular meetings and activities. I found a lot of women that I have so much in common with and that are in my same career. One of the girls I'd narrowly missed when I worked at the Art Museum.

The party was fabulous and I look forward to our spring cocktail party.

Saturday night was J's office party. I know, I know, a stuffy office party. But his office isn't like that at all. Get those people away from the office and it's loads of fun. His department is the money maker of the company so the party is quite swank. They rent out a very posh little bistro downtown for the evening. The party starts with cocktail hour and great hors' devours, the crab dip is scrumptious. Cocktail hour is followed by a sit down dinner with magnificent food. We're talking prime rib, roasted pork tenderloin, garlic mashed potatoes, corn casserole, green beans, asparagus with some yummy sauce, rolls, etc. Dinner is followed by yummy dessert. The VP speaks (keeps it short!) and then there is a gift exchange which turns out quite entertaining. At the end of the night, J made it home with Bacardi and Bailey's. YUM! I also quite enjoy his co-workers, so the company is nice.

I did realize from these parties that my sorority days are definitely over.* A couple of glasses of wine and I'm feeling fuzzy. I had two glasses of White Zinfandel during cocktail hour and knew I needed to sit down! The salad wouldn't do it so I took a plate of cheese and crackers to my seat to assist with my wine. (I can see it now. Did you see Mr. M's wife at the Christmas party? Yes, she was the one hanging from the chandelier!) Luckily the cheese and crackers helped and I was having cosmos at the end of the evening for late night drinks before we all went home. It was quite a fabulous evening. J and I enjoyed walking thru downtown and seeing it all lit up for Christmas. The weather was great for a leisurely stroll. It was a very romantic little scene.

*Of course after all of the excitement I spent Sunday in recovery! After a couple of hours I was able to make it for an afternoon run and work on some projects.

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