Monday, December 18, 2006

Graduation Celebration

Saturday was a very important and exciting day. Ta Ta Twin graduted!! I was thrilled that J and I were able to spend the day with her. We had lunch at a charming little Tea Room before going to her ceremony. The apron, by the way, did work out (finally.) However it (along with a Hello Kitty Planner and Stationary, you're never too old for Hello Kitty!) didn't hold a candle to the stunning 1 ct. diamond Eternity necklace her boyfriend gave her. Wow! She also got some gorgeous 1/2 ct. princess cut diamond stud earrings from her mom. I was blinded by all of her sparkle as she walked across the stage! I'm so proud of her. She deserves this so much. Now I just pray that she finds a great job, preferably near her boyfriend, which is coincidentally closer to me!
Here are some picture of that pretty pretty princess:


Us being pretty!

Couldn't resist...look at that cute little thing I married!

**Still waiting on the picture of her and boyfriend.

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