Monday, December 18, 2006

DC Scrapbook

Remember when I went to DC, and then A added two important things? Well, here are the photos! (Does not include all of the normal monument, etc pics that you can google pics of!)

A. and I at the rotunda in the National Gallery.

The JL, Washington DC! I love my local JL.
We have too much fun in gift shops.

It's a jungle out there!

A. says she's now banned from the Smithsonian! But you know what, I can never miss a good opportunity to play pirates!

A. with some long lost relatives.

Isn't this an awesome picture. Yeah, I took that!

A. and I with the token pic i front of the Washington Monument. Yes, a little windy out there.

A. and I in front of the Tennessee Pillar at the WW2 Memorial.

Told you I'd take picture of pigeons! I couldn't find them on a park bench, but the curb works nicely. By the way, I did nearly take my quota of 300 pics.

The "other" SEC.

An absolutely gorgeous Autumn day in DC. This was taken near the National Mall.

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