Monday, July 17, 2006

West Virginia Weekend

I returned home last night and felt as if I'd been gone for a week.

J and I left Friday afternoon to go to West Virginia. We had a little "off roading" experience on the way. The weather turned nasty as soon as we went to leave. There were a couple horrible thunderstorms along the way. When it finally cleared up there were just dreary skies and wet roads. There were some spots with puddles so deep the water would splash more than 6-8 feet up and over the concrete barrier to the median. Somewhere outside of Asheville, KY we hit water. J wasn't driving extremely fast, just interstate speeds. It wasn't even a huge puddle of water, just a little water. J saw it and began to slow down. However, we were going downhill and into a curve and it didn't seem to matter. We fishtaled, spun around in the road and went into the median backwards at about 45mph. Once in the median we spun around twice and begin to pop up the other side. J was able (by the grace of God is all I know!) to keep the car down so we came to a stop on the bottom. That was it! We thankfully didn't hit the guard rail we were headed for. When we turned backwards I just knew there were cars behind us that were going to hit me and it was going to hurt and make lots of loud and nasty noises. J just knew that we were going to pop up into oncoming traffic. But no, none of that. We sat there for a moment and realized "this is how people die!." We were semi stuck and began spinning, but J was able to straighten the car up and pull right out to continue going. When I looked back I noticed a couple had stopped and was running toward us. Isn't it nice to know that there are still nice, concerned, "good Samaritan" type people still in the world. We of course couldn't really stop since we were on the other side now and moving. Thank God for protecting us in a potentially horrible situation.

So onto more exciting things, we arrived around 8:00 pm to have dinner with Mrs. Bex and Pie. Mr. Bex was at work but we were able to see him Saturday. Pie is such a doll. She is quite a little mover and shaker and she can really be a chatterbox. She's so cute when she says "La La and J." Oh I love it!

Saturday morning we went shopping at a few of my fave stores that aren't in TN. We stopped back at the Bex's for a little visit before the two hour trek to my Pappy's house. We visited him on Saturday evening and went to G's with my cousin's for dinner. It's a fabulous little pizza place that I love. That evening brought about a B Family Spades Tournament--not for the weak! J did well though. I was proud. And thankfully no one was bleeding at the end. (Those tournaments can be brutal). I truck had jack-knifed on the mountain (yeah, we're in the sticks) and J and I couldn't get back to my granddad's so we spent the night with my cousins.

Sunday morning stylist friend cut my hair and we went back to my Pappy's to hang out until brunch when we all went to my Auntie B's. I love Sunday brunch with my family. There is nothing like a rip-roaring good time with a houseful of B's.

After spending a couple hours with my family we had to hit the road for home with a quick stop at The Drive-In for the world's best hotdogs. We bought a dozen to put in the freezer! When we get low, it's time to go back to WV.

We had a rather quick and thankfully uneventful trip to Tennessee. We made a quick to visit J's parents. It was nice and it also means we won't have to make the trip in the next few weeks.

Once we got home and put away the garden that grandpa had stuffed in my trunk (potatoes, peppers, greenbeans, cucumbers, zucchini, peas, blueberries...) I passed out.

And today, I'm still tired.

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