Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I Don't Like New Grocery Stores

J and I went to a different grocery store last night because it was in the same Shopping Center where we were doing other errands. Grrrr! I do not like new grocery stores. It took longer to find what we needed whereas in Kroger we know the layout and can be in and out in no time. One time, we even stopped on a Sunday evening after being out of town and had a full list. We did it all, arrived home, and unloaded in under 40 minutes so I didn't have to miss Desperate Housewives! Snaz, huh?

I was already tired last night and being in this grocery store made me cranky. I didn't know where anything was, they didn't have the same brands and things that I was used to finding so quick and easy, and the pizza and cheese looked awful! The only thing I enjoyed about the experience were my blueberries.

So there, my whiny rant and rave on why I don't like grocery stores that are foreign to me.

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