Monday, March 27, 2006

Just Elope

Quick--someone get me a paperbag! I'm getting married in thirty three days! I'm a super organized freak who likes to have total control over everything--and right now I don't and I hate it.

I'm starting again with a florist and want to be sure that what I want is clear. So many things that I have wanted have obviously not been very clear! (I mean really--I'm only the bride!) I've lost control over so many aspects (the food, the guest list) that I will not lose control on anything else! I have a to do list a mile long that includes making a few things (previously mentioned in the blog) for the ceremony, finishing up gifts, getting pictures and announcements in the newspapers, confirming plans, sending a ( my super anal, type A, micro-managed) picture list to the photographer (including examples), getting a marriage license, finishing marriage counseling, collecting RSVPs, updating the budget, getting the rings sized,.....should I go on? I have a dress fitting this weekend, I haven't yet found a headpiece, I haven't made "wedding day to-do lists", I'm still up in the air on the Bridesmaids Luncheon.......THIRTY THREE DAYS!

So in addition to me having a million things spinning through my head like the gravitron at the mall parking lot carnival--I have a crazy dream last night. (The third crazy dream in a week--but at least it's not scary like the others.)

It was the wedding day! And I forgot to ever put the pictures announcements in the paper, so the morning of, I was doing that. I couldn't find my bridesmaids shoes, the jr. bridesmaids didn't have their pomanders, and where-oh-where were the cute monogrammed ribbon flower girl baskets I'd made? And the bus---oh the bus! Someone had decorated both sides of the stone path with fake mums. I saw it and flipped out. I immediately (in full dress and veil) ran down there picking them all up with the help of Ta (my maid of honor). Once I picked them up they were real and really pretty! So I decided to float them in a dish of water. When I put them in the water they balled up and turned into sponges. Woohoo--I had sponges I could clean with! So then I decided I'd clean. I ran into J when I had my handful of sponges and was telling him I would have to postpone the ceremony for a couple minutes while I cleaned. Someone took my sponges and hid them, so I was then ready to get married. However, we couldn't find the preacher--but found him making out with his wife! (So typical of the Rev.) Then when it was time to really get married I didn't ride in a horse carriage, I just hopped on the horse. I don't remember the ceremony but I still hadn't found shoes, the little girls were playing in flower petals, I forgot the pomanders and there were tons of people there that I had no invited and I was furious! Then we went to the reception and ate cake. I think that was all.

Yes, it is affirmative--I have went completely crazy! I've passed the point of no return. If I could do it over I'd have went with the original plan to elope and send postcards from wherever we ended up.


girl from the south said...

I might go back

girl from the south said...

What kind of crack are you smoking before bed? Seriously though, Beka had several of those dreams before she got married and everything went perfectly. Relax, it'll be great. If anyone could plan an amazing wedding, it would be you. Also, when are RSVPs due? Due I get a break due to European adventure?