Friday, March 24, 2006

Who Pays for Jeans

At P. Co. we get to wear jeans on Fridays if we pay $2.00 which is donated to a charity. I rarely if ever have cash on me, so on Thursday evenings I would be scraping up change or making a pilgrimage to an ATM to get some cash. When J and I were dating I'd always walk by the receptionist and tell her to hit my boyfriend up for the money for my jeans when he arrives. (He comes in an hour later than I do). If he paid for them then Yippie! I'd have cash for a slurpee! However sometimes I'd be the sweet girlfriend and pay for his when I arrive (then Yippie! he'd have cash to buy me a slurpee!).

So now J and I would often juggle the "who is going to pay for jeans day?" question back and forth. This morning I'm sitting in my office busily working away when I receive this email:

"Hi pretty, are you paying for my jeans today? I love you!"
I lost this week. I guess I'd better dig in my monstrosity of handbag for a five.


Steph said...

Okay, I know this story is a good one, but I have to fight you on one issue. I know you weren't sitting at your desk busily working since when I asked if anyone would notice if I was laying under my desk sleeping, you said "Girl I’ve been under mine since 8am! Join me!"


Mrs. LBM said...

So that part could have been ever so slightly (or profusely) exaggerated--but it's Friday. I get paid for being cute, daydreaming, and wedding planning on Fridays.