Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Where have all the Girl Scouts gone?

Is cookie time over already? I'm getting low and need more samoas! I also need thin mints and tagalongs to freeze. I bought several boxes of cookies and there were girl scouts on every corner...now I can't find them. Is cookie time really over? I need my cookies!

When cleaning out boxes and boxes of childhood things a few weeks ago (I'll post on it later), I found my old Girl Scout song book (among other treasures). One of the best songs ever that we we'd sing when walking through camp was "She wears a 'G'", or "The Girl Scout Song." Because I miss cookies so much and I know you'd like to know the words, here it is!

She wears a G for generosity
She wears an I for interesting
She wears and R for her real sportsmanship
She wears and L for loyalty (for loyalty)

She wears and S for her sincerity
She wears a C for courtesy
She wears and O-U-T for outdoor life (outdoor life)
Can't you see this girl scout is mee-eee-eee-eee HEY!

Shall we say the pledge next?

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