Monday, March 13, 2006

It's Raining Mixers, Hallelujah It's Raining Griddles

Saturday afternoon J and I had our first shower. It was with his family and church and it was so exciting! The ladies were so sweet to me. I got a beautiful pink rose corsage and pink centerpiece with a mix of blooms in them. The cake and punch were so delicious and a lady from his church made homemade mints! YUM! J and I are still eating them. They were so tasty.

I couldn't believe the amount of gifts on the table. I never expected that we'd get so much. It was like Christmas and birthday--but all at once. We got so many things from our registry including the kitchen aid stand mixer, an electric griddle/skillet, glasses, wine glasses, silicone bakeware, and casserole dishes with lids and transporting cases. We only received one duplicate gift (a calaphon stove top griddle) which is rare. It certainly makes it nice to not have a mountain of returns. So many of my friends have stood in line for days with duplicate gift returns.

Even gifts that we received that we didn't register for were perfect. We got a picture frame that has a place on the back to put in "your story." It's a creamy white distressed wood with little silver accents--so cute! We also received a bunch of thick, fluffy white towels. I can't wait to get my monogramming machine out! We're going to have M's everywhere. We're paining the master bath green and using a white shower curtain--I think I'll need to monogram it, too.

We also received china storage which was fabulous. As soon as we got home Saturday night we put it away. It was so nice to get it out of boxes.

I love showers! They're always so much fun to attend and see all the goodie's that people get. It's even more fun to be the guest of honor and open all of those goodies! Did I mention also that the mints were delicious?

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