Thursday, March 09, 2006

Girl Scout Cookie Update

So, speaking of the rising cost of girl scout cookies, here is the official scoop on where, exactly, that money goes:

  • 50 cents to the troop
  • 80 cents to the bakery that makes them
  • $2.20 to the corporate conglomerate of Girl Scouts. This includes personnel, shipping costs, and also to support girls in Girl Scouts who cannot afford to pay.

I'm all for supporting girls who cannot afford to pay, but that can't be too much of the cut, I'm sure. I think it's ridiculous that the Girl Scout Troops don't even get what it costs to make the cookies--which is mere pennies! The actual Girl Scouts who work hard to peddle these (quite delicious) cookies get only 14.29% of their efforts.

I think Girl Scouts need to restructure.

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