Thursday, March 09, 2006

Girl Scout Cookies

It's Girl Scout Cookie time again! What is it about those tasty little things that always make me want to eat the entire box? Is it that they are just that delicious? Or, is it that they are such a treat since they only come once per year?

J and I went home for lunch today and I begged him to eat some cookies and put me out of my misery. Unfortunately, he doesn't share my love of peanut butter so I'm on my own with polishing off the do-si-dos. The samoas however, he will help with. But still, he doesn't share quite the sweet tooth that I have.

So what is the inflation on Girl Scout Cookies? The cookies aren't bigger, the boxes aren't bigger, yet the price steadily increases. When I was a Brownie, Girl Scout cookies were only $2.00 per box. So why the increase to $3.50? Girl Scouts much be taking fancier trips than in my days. We had wood slat bottom and canvas top tents built on a hillside with "latrines" (does anyone know how to spell that?) and hiked our way to everything (arts and crafts, dining hall, sing-a-longs, pool, river, etc. ).

Yum....I think I may need another Girl Scout cookie.

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