Friday, June 05, 2009

Just Dandy

I hate the TV in our living room. I actually hate having a TV in the living room period! But it is convenient and where Mr. Bella watches Fox News every day at lunch. So I digress.

As I'm switching, changing, and rearranging everything in our house I decided that the ugly box TV had to go. I hate entertaining in the space and seeing it when you walk in the door.


And see the cute leg and to your left in that picture? Here he is too! He loves lying beneathing the coffee table.

Ok so big ugly TV had to go. I decided a flat screen was in order. Something neat and tidy and I could be easily ignored.

So last night after dinner I took my happy little self to the discount warehouse (with Mr. Bella in tow!) and purchased this little ditty:

Fancy, huh? It's about 10 inches bigger than the size I had in mind for the space, but it was such a fantastic deal and still looks SO much better than the big ugly old school box. It fits the space SO much nicer.

Now I'm just afraid I'll never get the boys out of the living room!

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