Thursday, April 09, 2009

Now Starring on HGTV

Yesterday I babysat two adorable little girls (ages four and eight months). I met them and their parents as I arrived at their house.

Ding Dong! "Hey there! I'm here to sit on your kids!".

Kinda like that.

They are friends of a friend and don't really have a sitter because they don't use one. However they needed me yesterday, ALL day. My reputation preceeds on when it comes to childcare so I'd never met the family before other than the father friending me on FB after I agreed to watch the kids. It's a new age we're living in I tell you!

So anyone I was watching the children as the parents filmed an HGTV show.


About three hours in they staged me "arriving" to watch the children so it would be understandable who I am if I'm in several background shots.

So I get a call from Dave Ramsey, a news story offer, AND I get a (might be if it's not edited) cameo on HG if it's not edited, all in a matter of months.

Kinda cool and unrealistic huh? These things have just started happening to me.

I do fear that if I sing karaoke again anytime soon that someone will cart me off to try out for American Idol. (HA! I kid I kid!)

So follow-up on the news story: I decided not to do it. Truthfully the whole thing sounded a bit "hokey" to me. I was also concerned about how the story would be edited and the commentary that would accompany it. I was in communications and have dealt wiht my share of media. I KNOW what makes a good news story and it's not "girl loses job and enjoys staying at home likes to be crafty and has made it a bit profitable and is lucky shes is afforded this opportunity."

Nada! I feel there will be a poor pitiful soul spin on it and I also don't want my family to be exploited (i.e. the adoption of BB if it comes out that it makes my staying at home easier or my husbands current job, etc.). Also it seems that anyone they can find to be on the news in MyTown comes out of the woodwork. Mullets, missing teeth, nascar shirt, broken down car in the background, etc.

Besides that I'm totally vain and the camera adds 43.6 pounds and makes me sound like a hick with a frog in their throat!

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