Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I've been battling the sinus funk for more than a week now. I take so many allergy medicines and shots that I often don't take too much sinus medicine because I think it all must cancel out somewhere. I also get an extended sinus/cold issue when the seasons change. And this time of year in MyTown the weather is a crapshoot so I stay sick for a few weeks. I usually have a shot or two of moonshine at bedtime to supress the cough and help me sleep. I'm not joking y'all. This is the South.

So the point is that I'm sick and I still cook dinner, clean the house, do laundry, walk the dog, play taxi, and run my business.

Mr. Bella comes down with something Saturday night. He's laid up in bed whining and crying for me to knock off some pharmacy because he doesn't give a damn if they're open or not on Easter just get him some drugs with sudafed and do it now because ohmygoshheisdying.

He gets meds, juice, sprite, and four hour naps followed by chicken soup with ample whining and then proceeds to bed.

Now you tell me who the weaker sex is.

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Kas said...

Men are such babies when it comes to being sick!!! When I came in today, I found my DH on the couch using his pitiful I'm sick voice to ask if we had any soup. And of course, the soup we already had wasn't what he wanted.

And I'm with you on the constant sickness till the weather settles a bit. There is so much pollen in our air right now, I can see it floating by! My poor sinus cavities have been blocked for weeks.