Friday, March 27, 2009

I need a personal assistant

I'm running around like a headless chicken today because of my hectic schedule tomorrow.

10:oo am: Sorority Alumni Meeting
11:30 am: Sorority Alumni Spring Tea
1:30 pm: Service Project at local Children's Home
3:30 pm: The CiCi's arrive, leave for shower in farawaytown
5:00 pm: Mr. Reese's Birthday dinner (boo! I have to miss this)
5:00 pm: Shower for Lynisha in farawaytown (go with Cici and Janie)
6:00 pm: Bimonthly Dinner Party with group from church (miss this but Mr. Bella and Mr. Cici go. What a cute date they are!)
8:00 pm: Leave farawaytown to haul booty back for
9:30 pm: Mr. Reese Karaoke Birthday Party

So today I'm buying items for Spring Tea and getting flower arrangements together as well as prepping the meeting and making agendas (I'm currently the President but my term is up in May...PRAISE THE LORD!). I'm also cleaning my house for guests, and behind guests since Mr. Bella's brother just passed through town and spent the night with us. In addition I need to do errands around town such as the bank, the post office, pick up a shower gift, wrap Mr. Reese's birthday gift and pick Brother Bella up at school and take him for a haircut.

When did I have time for a job?

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