Monday, September 15, 2008

Vacation Recap

Vacation was fabulous! Spending the week with the S’s made it even better!

The high points:

Our condo was fabulous! It was very upscale with granite, tile, etc. and had great use of space with everything we needed from kitchen cooking and dining to a washer and dryer. We also had a fabulous view of the beach and ocean. Our high-rise was just across the street from the beach but had an air conditioned walk bridge to take you directly beach front. On the beach was the Beach Club which included a pool, hot tub spa, and lazy river along with private access to the beach. There was also a pool and hot tub spa as well as an indoor pool on the condo side of the resort. And also a sauna, game room, and gym. It was superb!

The best part is that we had the entire place to ourselves. It was so nice, quiet, and relaxing! Because Hurricane Gustav scared everyone away from the Gulf Coast and Hurricane Ike was so uncertain, the place was desserted. There were days that we were the only people at the pool. We had the hot tub spa to ourselves every evening and on one windy day I took my happy little self and my happy little float and floated around the hot tub (they were rather large). The jets provided a great massage and the wind balanced out the warmth. Ideal!

The only downside was that I didn’t get around to reading all of the books. The lazy river had fountains and waterfalls which made it impossible to read while floating. However the island in the middle was perfect for a cooler of beer. The easy access to grabbing a cold one each time you floated around was worth it!

After Wednesday there was no beach. The ocean went all the way to the road! Wind began to pick up although it only rained for about a half hour one afternoon. The waves were huge! I can’t even describe them in words. We’re talking 15-20 foot waves as far as you could see. So many resorts were flooded and even a lane of the street. The bay side overflowed as well causing many businesses to shut down. We saw Coast Guard trucks heading to certain parts of the island to rescue people who couldn’t get out due to the flooding. It was rather incredible.

Although all of that happened the weather was still fine and dandy and we enjoyed the pool and hot tub anyway.

In other news we hit up a fun mini golf course that was a pirate island. This was terrific for me as I have a weird fascination with pirates. That’s right ye ol’ scallywag! Now walk the plank! Ahem! It was a really fun course with lots of details. Probably my favorite one ever. And also I thought you’d want to know that I got the most hole in ones. Yes I did indeed! However with all of my other hole in six I was second place.

We wanted to go deep sea fishing but with no one being there we couldn’t find a boat with enough passengers to sail. We settled for a dolphin cruise which turned out to be wonderful! It was a nice cruise with great island music and the go ahead to bring your own drinks. Sweet! The boys had beer and Mrs. S and I had made our own Sangria concoction which we drank out of nalgene bottles. We are classy broads indeed!

It seems we ate all week. My clothes agree! We tried a seafood buffet called Hazel’s which made us all want to blow chunks. It was seriously super duper fried week old food. The seafood bar was apparently only on weekends so it had minimal seafood but ample amounts of mini corndogs and spaghetti. Apparently Sunday isn’t the weekend to Hazel. J and I split a large seafood platter which wasn’t horrible, but was not the quality you expect when you’re at the beach.

We did find some delicious little places though! We ate at a little joint called Flippers after our dolphin cruise. It was the restaurant at the marina where we sailed. It was so tasty! I again had the seafood platter because I just have to taste a bit of everything. The service was fabulous and the atmosphere was so friendly and inviting. I think we made everyone in the place our friends before we left.

Lastly we ate at another marina restaurant called LuLu’s. It’s owned by Lucy Buffet, sister to Jimmy. I had the Mahi Tacos and they were superb! I also got a cute t-shirt on clearance for $10.95 as opposed too the price of $22.95. Proud? I thought so!

Two very interesting things happened on vacation. First, I got a fish stuck in my swimsuit! We were playing in waves and tossing a football (yes, we’re nothing if not Southern) on Monday when a big wave came along and I decided to just swim with it. I finally got back up and made my way out to J and the S’s. I felt something funny on the left side of my bum and reached around to check it out. I patted the edge of my swimsuit and sure enough…a little fishy (I’m guessing about 3 inches long) had been pushed in there by the force of the wave I’m assuming. I screamed and danced the funky cold medina and “shook out my panties” literally. I had everyone’s attention as they thought sure I’d been had by a band of jellyfish. We all got great miles out of the story. You know how fish stories grow and grow. I’m sure little fishy is telling his friend it was “this big!” Har dee har har har!

The second interesting thing would be that my car was hit. While sitting in the parking lot. Of only five other cards. And it was all by it’s little self. A guy had backed into it with his receiver hitch and there is a softball size hole in my trunk. He was very nice and stuck around with insurance info, etc. and I’m sure it will all be fine. But still…of all things that would happen to me!

I was talking about how I’m a prime example of Murphy’s Law (aren’t I always) and joked that I should perhaps lay low. Mrs. S’s response: “Hell no! I think you should buy a lottery ticket!”

That brings me to another great quote. We were all enjoying our drinks at the hot tub one night when J and Mrs. S got into a discussion about drinks.

J: How on earth were you a member of (our sorority) with Mrs. M and you don’t like beer?
Mrs. S: Well it wasn’t for the lack of trying!


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Sounds fabulous!!! There's no where we love to vacation more than the beach.

Glad you had a wonderful vacation. (except for the car)

p.s. have always wanted to go to Lulu's!

Platinum Rose said...

Sounds like an amazing vacation! Minus your car getting hit, bummer! How funny you got a fish in your swimsuit, that's hilarious! Where was it that you guys stayed? I am glad that the hurricane weather didn't affect your good time, but yikes that was sorta scary about all the flooding and high waves!