Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

I wouldn’t be Southern if I didn’t attend a kick-off-football-season bash! Saturday my friend JB and her husband hosted a fabulous soiree with a big pot of jambalaya. They were married this summer and excited to show off their lovely new house. All the guests brought appetizers and desserts to share and the buffet was delicious. Although the Vols didn’t play we did watch a few other good games.

Yesterday was spent cleaning out the garage with my hubby. Our poor garage often looks so nice then out of nowhere it’s a pigsty. We’ve decided to have a garage sale since we had to clean out an entire room for Little Brother. Now our garage looks pretty and clean and will be super clean when the huge pile of garage sale stuff is cleaned out.

Last night was the season opener for Tennessee! And it was sad. So very, very sad. I stayed up until midnight, which is far past my bedtime, and all for disappointment. Boo!

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