Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Happy Birthday J!

Today is J’s birthday. He’s a ripe, old, 26. We celebrated by having dinner at DTGB and then chocolate éclair cake at home (all his choice!). He opened his presents and was blessed with lots of great goodies: a new Motorola Q phone, a charging station, an Ipod stereo system, Ipod accessories, a new Bible, a few clothes, gift cards, and a stack of checks from my grandparents. I’d say 26 is treating him well.

J deserved a great birthday more than anyone I know. He truly is the sweetest, most kind, generous, and caring man there is. He works so hard with a full time job, getting his MBA, taking care of me, and now raising a child that he only met a few years ago. By “raising” I mean he is fully involved. He’s not just giving Little Brother food and shelter, but is totally committed to being there for him, teaching and molding him, and ensuring that he has every opportunity as any other child. Like I said, he’s one of a kind.

Even beyond that J takes such good care of me. I might be a bit of a basketcase sometimes, I mean, maybe I am, just a little bit, and he totally deals with me. He loves, protects, supports, and encourages me. When I’m a bit, or a lot, OCD and go all into clean freak mode, he usually takes it with ease. When I get high strung and upset he can calm me down. When my head begins to spin and I get nervous and start too worry about random off the wall subjects, he keeps me grounded and calm. I’m not sure what I’d do without him!

Happy Birthday Crabcake! You truly are my better half.

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Platinum Rose said...

Awww, so cute! He does sound like an amazing husband! Happy belated birthday, J!