Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Cleaning Out

I have a weakness for bags! Totes, purses, clutches, and satchels of any kind: come to me and I will give you love!

The left photo is purches, wallets, and two hiking waistpacks. The right photo is totes, bags, and small luggage. This does not include two backpacks and my rolling suitcases. This is also the picture after I already purged four sorority totes and two beach totes (the L.L. Bean bags are great for the beach and are easily washable for any other time) earlier this year. And no, your eyes aren't decieving you, they are all monogrammed! Did you doubt?

Then there are summer shoes. Seriously, it's mostly summer shoes. Winter shoes aren't as bad because you can't see them as much. But summer shoes are so fun, and cute, and inexpensive on clearance! The shoe pairs below are stacked so each shoe represents a pair. Ridiculous, yes?

So I purged a bit. Not much, probably not enough, but progress till.

Seven bags and four pair of shoes. I justified the keeping so many shoes because the flip flops are tiny and also several of them probably only have a handful of wears left in them and aren't even worth donating. Here is my summer shoe collection all cute in baskets. I used the type of basket that fit the shoes best and also the areas of the closet.

And here are my purses stacked neatly across a closet shelf, and color coordinated no less. I have the large ones stacked one by one with small vertical stacks in between. I'll purge these again in the Spring and move past the ones that haven't been carried this Fall and Winter. They are good donation items for the event for my women's service group.

Have I managed to give anyone else the cleaning and organizing bug or am I having a party all by myself? (Hint: to get you in the mood have someone move in your house and force you to rid of an entire room!)


Kas said...

WOW!!! Look at you go! I need DH to do some cleaning out. I am pretty good about getting rid of stuff once per season (since closet space in this apartment is v. limited), but Tom never seems to get rid of ANYTHING. And honestly, he is taking up too much of my closet space. I think I have found something for him to do next week while he is off from school and work!!! YAY!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I recently had the girls go through this huge nasty ole basket of toys and they purged a ton of stuff (McDonalds Happy Meals crap, etc.) and I cleaned out my t-shirt drawers. It felt good. Huzzah!

Kelley said...

I have the same love of bags, it's really not right. Maybe we need to form a support group. I got rid of some before we moved, but I still have a ton.