Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cleaning Out

Remember the great closet purge of June? Behold that which was yeilded from the great clean out:

This picture is acutally less a stack of t-shirts, a couple pair of jeans, and also an AE terry cloth short and jacket set because I felt a little like I wanted to be 17 when I wore it. There are two layers of clothing on hangers across the back of the sofa and four ample stacks on the front consisting of pants, capris, and sweaters.

Even if when I get a new position I can do without the above clothing as it was rarely worn anyway. Plus it will make room for a few (and just a few!) new pieces I pick up.

The clothes will probably be donated to the large thrift sale my women's community group hosts. I have to donate $150 worth of items and this will help me get a start.

Stay tuned for even MORE cleaning out!

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