Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I don't think I could do this

I've been busy working on getting Little Brother enrolled in school. His schedule is finally finished but they gave him Freshman English again. Er, he made all A's last year.

So here I go again (on my own--thank you Whitesnake) to the New High School to get it all sorted out.

You know what? High Schools are big. And scary. I can't imagine switching HIGH SCHOOLS! I switched elementary schools in the fifth grade and it was sheer horror. And to put it in persepective I went from Ye Small Elementary School on the Mountain to Ye Small Elementary School in the Sticks. So yeah, wasn't that big of a deal I suppose.

But going from Podunk High to Suburbia! (Of course I think the reverse would be quite a "wow" too.

That school is big. And big. And BIG! And scary too. I bet there are monsters in the lockers.

Internet I've not told Little Brother, but I'm totally nervous for him!

Guess I need to revisit yesterday's bible verses and apply them in this part of my life too.

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