Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Happy Birthday J, and The Chronicles of Pooch

Yesterday was my darling husbands birthday. He's twenty-five. Not too shoddy for a quarter of a century old. We celebrated by spending the long weekend (well the two days of it after we returned from vacation, more on that later) in the Scenic City with the O's. Mrs. O made a delicious German Chocolate cake for hubs, his favorite! It was so nice of her to do that since I didn't have time in our traveling and it wouldn't have been the sweet surprise that it was.
We had a wonderful time with our adult beverages and games of badminton as well. See?

Our pooches get along nicely too (well, mostly). Here they are in their matching monogrammed doggy-dannas. Running wild, that's normal.

Of course I treated my husband to a few dazzling birthday gifts, despite the fact that Mack is his birthday present, and was a bit of a pricy present at that. I did get him a Ralph Lauren polo and the wrinkle free khakis to go with it. (I know, we're old. New work clothes are as exciting as new school clothes used to be.) I got him some fancy pancy ear thingys for his mp3 player too.

A few birthday antics of my husband:

While making out (we do that alot) I was kissing his cheeks and neck.

J: Aww, cupcake, that's where the Mack just kissed me too.
(yeah, he's a charmer)

Later (while still making out)
Me: Pfft, Pfft. What's that?
J: Probably coconut from the cake. Kiss me more.

Yes, we're nearly always that disgusting (and by "we" I mean "he".)

Now, as an added bonus and because Mack is J's birthday present, you get (drum roll please):

The Chronicles of Pooch

  • Mack, often called Pooch and Mackaroo because of his uncanny ability to jump like a kangaroo.
  • Silly dog loves ice. It's his favorite treat. He's been taught to sit, stay, roll, shake, and lay down, all with using ice. Hey, it's cheap!
  • He has quite a canter about him. You should see when we take him for walks. Head held high, hips shaking, feet popping off the ground much like a cartoon, and his little ears bobble.
  • He's also a bit lazy. If he's tired of walking, he stops. That's it, over for him. I refuse to carry the dog home so I mostly drag him back (promising copious amounts of ice). Yup, he's a champ.
  • While a bit lazy, has an enormous amount of energy. Seriously, does he think he's a golden retriever? Apparently only lazy on long hot walks.
  • Why? He doesn't like the heat. If he goes outside and it's too hot, he'll sit at the door and paw it. If you lure him out into the yard, he'll sit at the back door, or the side door, or the garage door. He's ready to retreat to his castle.
  • He's very needy of attention. Yup, our little toddler. He's much like having a three year old child.
  • He eats everything. EV.ER.Y.Thing! Let's see, dogdanna (check), ropes (checks), my mowing cleats (score!), the lid to his ear medicine (check), the eyes off of his toys (check).....
  • I'm fairly certain in his little rocks for brains head, he thinks he's a king, and we're his mere humans, peasants.
  • He's been told more than once, "Hey-No one likes an ungrateful little punk."
  • Also been told more than once, "Pooch- That's going to get you a one way ticket back to the rescue!" (I don't really mean that though, mostly).
  • He likes to check out his manly bits, and often. J says it's because one day he went to sleep and woke up with out any balls. Ha!
  • J thinks we should install a video camera in the garage to see what he does all day. I'm certain I don't want to know.
  • When pooch wags his tail, it goes in circles, like a propeller. I half expect him to take flight any day now.
  • Furthermore, he wags his tail all the time. You can scold him and he'll jump and wag his tail. Further proof there is rocks for brains.

Great Pooch Quote:
J: Look at this. He follows me around, worshiping and adoring the very ground I walk in. It's about time someone in this house do that.

Me: Well, we're sure getting our money's worth out of him. He's worth every dime. And such a small price to pay.

As an added bonus, Mack with his funky monkey, and also this gift from the Caribbean.

Poor funky monkey, he takes a lot of abuse. He used to have velcro that held him on Mack's back, you know, as in the monkey on his back (har har). But, surprise!, he ate it!

Yes, I know he is the cutest little Pirate you've ever seen. And that hat? Simply adorable. (Don't look at me that way. If we didn't get him a gift after being away for a week he'd be so sad! I just count myself lucky that I found a doggy souvenir store.)


Robin said...

Isn't it funny how our dogs have their own little personalities & quirks? I love watching Maisy "discover" new ways to drive me insane! You might tell Mack that you'll take him back to the rescue, we tell Maisy we're going to tie her to a tree & leave her there! Just like you, though, we're kidding...well, sort of!

Platinum Rose said...

Happy Birthday Mr. M! I loved reading about your doggie!

Rusti said...

I'm cracking up at this post - especially the part about falling asleep and waking up with no balls!! LOL!!

Happy birthday to J!!

Platinum Rose said...

P.S. Isn't that doggie souveneir store in St. Thomas so neat? We got our small dogs (didn't have the German Shepherd yet) some things from there owhen we were on our honeymoon, so I am in total agreement with you on buying a gift for the pooch when you go on vacation!