Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I know I ask this of you a lot....

But, could you do it just once more?


Why? Because I got a new job! (Hear that? It's me letting out a big squeal!)

I've been browsing for a new job for some time now. I've had a number of interviews, declined a number of interviews once I learned more about the position, and even had an offer which I turned down. I love my current company, but my boss is a jerk and the work isn't exactly on par with what I want to do. My current gig is advertising, which falls under the broad spec of communications but I don't want to exclusively do advertising. I've wanted something much more PR/Marketing but it's a hard job to find in My Town.

Then, this happened! I had two interviews for a marketing position at what we'll call Red Co. in June. Unfortunately I didn't get the job. I was a bit bummed because I liked the company and the job seemed very much in line with what I want to do. I got the ol "we'll keep your resume, yada yada yada". Yeah right. Like they really do that.

Then, the Friday before I left for vacation, the VP of Marketing calls to say he's kept my resume (!) and has a position for me and wants to meet with me. What? People really do that? Really? Wow! I met with him yesterday and was offered the job. I think I peed a little in his chair. Oops.

It gets better. It's not the job I originally applied for, it's one higher. The lady who initially interviewed me is leaving and it's her job. What? How exciting. And ohmygoodness how scary! Apparently when the VP interviewed me I sold myself like a two dollar hooker because he has more confidence in me than I do!

I'm so exciting. I'm going to be the Marketing Coordinator of Red Co. Ohmygoodness I said I'm going tobe the Marketing Coordinator of Red Co. What? What? Pinch me, please.

The gig is pretty sweet too. The work will be hard but it's tons of writing which I love. There is also a fair amount of research which I think will be challenging and interesting. I'll be writing all the company materials, designing ads, developing marketing plans, researching for projects, assisting in project development, etc. Sounds great doesn't it? I'm scared though. Hold me!

This is like a real big kid job. I think I need days of the week underwear for this one.

Ok, the benefits? Pretty nice. I'll get a 20% pay increase (yea!) well, part now and part after ninety days. Which means I have ninety days to kiss ass and take names. (Hold me, really!). Red Co. also pays entirely for mine and J's health insurance so that is another several thousand a year. Sweet deal!

I've been trying to work out an arrangment with current jerky boss for my official date of resignation, but he keeps putting me off. Well jerky boss, here's my two weeks notice:


So the only thing left to do is decide what I should buy myself as a congratulations treat. I'm thinking a new bag. Any suggestions?


Mrs. T2 said...

Dancing for you!!! Congrats on the new job!!!! It sounds like a great opportunity!!!

.: Small Town Girl :. said...

Wow! I am so happy for you!

I am dancing for you too!


Kas said...

How awesome! I'm so happy for you!!! WOOHOO! I hope that you love it.

Rusti said...

So so so so so so so so happy for you!! You're going to do GREAT!! (But I still want to hold you!) ;) Congrats again!!!

The Robbins Nest said...

Congrats!! you are going to kick some major butt!!! oooh a new bag is a great treat!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Yea yea yea!!! Sounds fabulous! (and challenging and fun)

Go get yourself a new bag and a whole new fab outfit girlfriend.

Congrats again!

Kristen Miller said...

Oooh...that's BIG! I'm so happy for you. Congrats on the great job, I'm sure much excitement is to follow. You'll knock 'em dead. You've really got my mind racing with this whole "Red Co." business though.

Have a fantastic weekend. I think a shopping spree for some new job outfits is in order!

JayJenny said...

Congratulations again, I'm so happy for you! And I totally didn't pee my pants although the hoppy jig I did pulled a muscle!

Angelarae said...

Woohoo! Congratulations :-) I agree, definitely a new bag!

Robin said...

Way to go!! I'm very happy for you. I think you should buy a new bag & matching shoes.

brittny said...

Mrs M!!! That is so freaking awesome! I'm pinching you right now! Congratulations on the new job! It sounds so great- something you'll be wonderful at! I can't wait to hear about your first day!

Swistle said...

That sounds AMAZING! You DEFINITELY need a new bag AND days-of-the-week underwear. And maybe new shoes.