Monday, April 07, 2008

My kids are going to private school. END! of discussion!

The M’s have been hopping lately and we’ve barely had a chance to sit down. We’ve had a host of social invitations lately and one such invitation makes for a great story which I’ll share with you this week.

We’ve also been busy doing a few spring things on our home. We now have our cute little garden all planted and I’ve planted some of my seeds that outgrew the eggshells. Yes! Who knew I’d actually grow something? Now that they are outside, definitely pray for my black thumb to turn a bit more green.

We also bought the final items to finish our new bathroom. Praise the Lord there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve given my darling husband a deadline of May 10. I have a few social gatherings I’m hosting in May or June so we need this little project wrapped up. Oh, and we had a "Home Security Drill" which I’ll share later this week as well. You won't want to miss that one. Only in the M house!

But right now I need to share my disbelief of a little something I saw this weekend. I was sitting on the sofa drinking my coffee Sunday morning because we're heathens who skipped church, waiting for the sun to appear and reading checking out the weekly ads in the newspaper. I was flipping through the channels and stopped on a new show that I found. Well, I’m sure it’s not new and is probably rather old but since I rarely watch TV, I’d never seen it or heard of it.

So for an episode or three I was glued to the train wreck that is High School Confidential. For the love of all that is good tell me this is made up stuff and that kids aren’t really acting like this and doing those things. I told J no less than one dozen times that afternoon that our kids must go to a secret underground private school with no connection to the outside world and they don’t need to date and get married because I will take care of them forever! and ever and ever and ever!
He wasnt a fan of this idea.

I suppose I’m a bit sheltered and naive from my little redneck high school in the sticks. I thought “bad stuff” only happened on the old school DeGrassi of the 90s, 90210, and My So-Called Life. That stuff didn’t really happen! Perhaps I’m also kidding myself because my little brother (BOO HOO MY BABY BROTHER!) is now in high school. I graduated high school when he started Kindergarten because my parents were planners like that. Anyway, I don’t want think that he is seeing, hearing, or worse, doing such things that these kids were so blasé about.

J and I have often talked about the education of our five* unborn and not yet conceived children. He went to a private school his entire life and is totally on board with it. Well, if we move out of city limits that is because by golly we play one hundred and fifty American dollars per month to live in the great city of MyTown and our kids are going to use every red cent of that tax by going to and loving public schools. So, if we move to the county we can send them to private school apparently. This is fine with me as I've got my sights set on a lovely neighborhood in the "county" that has tennis courts, playground, and a neighborhood only pool and is also partially on the lake. Also, this neighborhood puts us in the area for a fabulous elementary school that is very nice due to the parents having a private foundation to support the school. So, fine by me to move me to the neighborhood whenever you like. All this providing we stay in MyTown rather than moving next year.

Back to the subject at hand now. I know that private schools don’t take away from the world and all that is going on, but I feel like it perhaps will be a more controlled environment with less of the “bad apples” and therefore the less than desireable influences. Now I know kids need to make mistakes and all, but if I can put those mistakes off until college when they just might have a bit more brain in their head and an ounce more maturity, then that's what I'd like to do. I really don't want to "shelter" my kids but I would like for them to have strong direction and limited chances at screwing up before they leave the nest forever. Therefore I'll get them the old school DeGrassi of the 90s, 90210, and My So-Called Life on DVD so they learn from those mistakes. See, I have a plan!

What’s your opinion? Private vs. public? Are they one and the same? How about those high school kids today? Are you in disbelief or am I showing that there really is an old lady living in my body? Have you seen the show?

*Five: just seeing if you were paying attention honey! Kiss kiss!


Amy said...

I went to private school for part of my grade school career, and I can say it gave me a stronger foundation in comparison to some public schools. I learned a lot more in public school in how to deal with kids who were not just like me. But on the flip side in private school, you still have kids doing things they should not, but many now have money to do even crazier things than ever expected. It would be a hard transition for some children to go from small private school to huge university with all walks of life. Not saying it can't be done, or that it is hard for all children, but just a potential pitfall. However in saying all this if B and I were to some how have children and we still lived in the Memphis, our kids would only go to private school. Even some of the county schools here, although a huge step up from the city schools, are not at the educational level I would want my child. This is not to mention some of the insanity they would be exposed in Memphis public school! We did not get voted most violent city just for kicks! And scary as it is “High School Confidential,” is starling!! Three out of the four girls I have watched got pregnant in high school!!!! OMG!! One had an abortion, one miscarried, and one gave it up for adoption. I remember having one sophomore girl get pregnant when I was a junior, and it was beyond taboo in my conservative high school! Thank God I have a dog who has been fixed!

Kas said...

That would definitely be an interesting study; the deviancy of public vs. private school students. I'd have to say, the few private school kids I knew were just as bad (if not worse) than us public school kids. And still are. But, I'm sure the type of school and the area all are influencing factors. I might just look this up to see if any research has been done on it! (Gah I'm such a nerd)

destinationbeautiful (b-love) said...

I love this post!

I totally know what you're saying! I want my kids to go to some private underground school too. It's scary to know the things that go on nowadays. I really hate to think about all the things kids are exposed to all the time now. I don't know what we'll do. i think a lot of it depends on where we're living. I guess no matter what kids are kids, but I still think where they go to school makes a difference. i'll let you know what we decide in about 30 years when we have kids old enough to go to school. ha ha

audreybreier said...

I'm not sure yet what we plan to do..honestly, we will probably home school. Some people don't like that idea, but we have tons of friends who do it and we really like that idea.

Oh, and just so you know, Hubby and I really do want 5 kids :)

♥ Mrs. L said...

My husband went to a private Christian school and I think that helped him in the long run. It's really amazing how much more they are able to learn than in a public school environment. I would love to send my children to the same school.. after all the school is run by his family, but still the money issue might be a problem. I would choose private over public any day!

FIVE? Why stop there??? :)