Monday, April 28, 2008

A glimse into our future

This weekend we had the joy of watching Chicken Bone (boy, 7) and Monkey (girl, 3).

Their grandmother was getting remarried at a gorgeous and swanky Inn here in MyTown so we had kid duty for the weekend. Actually, we had chauffeur and spend-the-night duty. So much easier than full on babysitting and the same pay. I’ll take it!

I picked Chicken Bone up at his school Spring Carnival on Friday afternoon. Wow! Carnivals have came a long way since my hokey days of ring-toss-for-a-pencil-eraser in the elementary school gym. We’re talking DJ spinning Dave Mathews, 35 foot climbing wall, dunking booth, petting zoo, sumo-wrestling pit, several blow up structures/bounce house thingys, sno-cones, cookie cakes, cotton candy, Papa John’s pizza, and fancy booths of games in their own little tents. This also happens to be the coveted school of choice should we raise kids here. Nice!

We arrived at the Inn to get Chicken Bone ready for the rehearsal and his Momma met me with my choice of beverages. Give me your kids, your money, and your liquor, nice! I was going through the dinner line with Monkey on my hip making us a plate when a very sweet woman commented on how darling she was and that she looked just like me. Assuming she was obviously on the groom’s side and didn’t know the difference I just smiled sweetly and said “thanks!”. Who wouldn’t? Isn’t she a doll?

J arrived later and we finally took the kiddos home and whipped them soundly and put them to bed. See? This is what the new Benz was really for.

Saturday was full of the park and baseball games before going back to the Inn to get the kids ready for the wedding. Oh, and forcing Chicken Bone to eat every last bite of his frosted flakes because he helped himself to double the amount before he’d even had three bites and I’m not a wasteful kind of person. He assured me that his mom would never make him do such a thing. And for that I was able to give my favorite reply that I have for children: “Oh, well I’m so much meaner than your mommy!”

The kids were beautiful and precious and fun and all danced out when J brought them home from the wedding. Yes, J as in only him. I was actually off watching another family of children (Boyfriend, Girlfriend, and Bear for those of you playing along). Apparently he sat on the porch with the kids dad and threw back his share of Sweet Water (a new fave in the M house, definitely give it a try). He finally refused further offers because “hey dude—I’m driving your kids home!”

Monkey woke up about 3am with a blood curdling scream so I scooped her out of bed and let her snuggle up with me and J in her parents fabulous king-sized bed. I slept very well but apparently she used J as both a pillow and a spring board.

We had a fun weekend and I love getting to watch the kiddos. The parents love it too. They have a fabulous barbecue business and they make their own secret sauce which is divine and J could practically drink with a straw. The momma told J that if he keeps me from getting preggars and continuing to watch her babies, that she'll keep him in secret sauce. Yes, their biggest fear is me getting knocked up and J is bartering me for bbq sauce.


destinationbeautiful (b-love) said...


Mr and Mrs M have a baby by this time next year. :)

Ha ha. Just kididng, but seriously you are such a fun "parent!" I'm glad you had a good time with the kids.

Amy said...

I am sooooo seeing it!!