Thursday, April 24, 2008


My fabulous husband and I are approaching our second wedding anniversary. We have decided that we will do traditional gifts for our anniversaries (last year was paper and we got our passports). The tradional gift for the second anniversary is cotton. I can think of lots of cotton goodies such as plush new towels are fabulous 900 thread count organic cotton sheets. However we have more towels and sheets (all of which are rather nice and not in need of replacing) than you can shake a stick at. And you can shake a stick a whole gaggle of towels and sheets let me tell ya!

A while ago hubs suggested new jeans. Then he went and found himself some good deals on jeans and bought them. I was going to use the opportunity to splurge on a pair of lucky jeans, but since neither of us need them right now I'll refrain. We then though of getting new team hoodies to go with our season tickets (yippiee!!!!!) when it gets chilly this fall. However it's spring time and we can't seem to find any we like enough to purchase anyway. My only other thought is a nice matlasse coverlet for the master bedroom. I think it would look fresh and springy to have have it on the bed and then the down comforter across the bottom. (There are some great ones here and here and here and here.)

However we still aren't sure because I can't make such big decisions. Of course I still uphold that the cotton lined box for my diamond earrings will count, yes?

Any cotton ideas for our second anniversary? Do you do traditional gifts? What was your second anniversary gift or what do you want it to be?


Kristen Miller said...

We do traditional gifts. There are so many things you can do with cotton. We just did comfy things: robes, slippers, pj's, etc. Then we had a nice romantic evening at home to celebrate. :) I do wish we would have gotten some lush sheets though. Have fun choosing!

Platinum Rose said...

For our second anniversary, I got him several graphic t-shirts from Target (I stuck with traditional). DH did not stick with traditional. He got us tickets to Cirque du Soleil (which would have been great for a 1st anniversary theme, paper - tickets are paper, but anyway. I got him concert tickets for our 1st anniversary.). And then he totally surprised me with diamond stud earrings!!! (I posted about this, with pics and how he presented them to me, so creative!). So I fully support your theory about the earrings and how the box may be cotton lined hahaha! I think I got a better deal on our second anniversary than he did, for sure!

Alicia said...

I tried to do the traditional paper last year for the one, but do you know what I got? A past, present and future diamond necklace. :-) I have a wonderful husband!