Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Seven random things you didn't know about me and are really curious to know.

Addy tagged me sometime this year to do a seven random, new, interesting, etc. things about me that you didn’t know.

  1. My family has a greyhound farm, as in the dogs, not the buses. My Pappy and his brother raise and race greyhound dogs. It used to be quite a profitable business but now I think it’s more of a hobby. However, I’m happy that my Pappy is able to participate in all of this in his 70s. Therefore, long live the farm!

  2. I don’t have plain socks. I’m far too festive for plain, white socks. All of my socks have prints such as argyle, polka dots, stripes, etc. They only solid white socks I own are the little anklets to wear with sneakers and even then they have the Polo or Gap logo in a pretty color. However, I still have festive anklets.
  3. (Lest you think I lied about the Brandon Walsh socks! How are these copyright 2007??)

  4. If you see me next to my biological mother, I look just like her. If you see me next to my biological father, I look just like him. I have a relationship with neither but there is no way they can deny me. Although I don’t like looking so much like them (both) they did make a damn good looking daughter.

  5. I have some nasty scars on my knees and legs from a highly vicious and competitive game of Mud Bowl with my sorority sisters. They will forever remind me that Addy, Mrs. S, and I threw punches and rolled in mud while frat boys drank beer. I know, WTH? This is definitely another post for another time. No, wait. That is the gist of it. Right there. Um, but the money was for philanthropy?

  6. I went to the Eye Doctor to day, a new one, and she wanted to dilate my pupils for a thorough examination. I got light headed and queasy. I have lab coat syndrome and blatant wimpiness to the nth degree!

  7. My entire young life I wished to attend a private school where I could wear plaid jumpers, knee-socks, and penny loafers. I wanted to ride horses after school and attend book clubs. Unfortunately I grew up in the sticks and such things as this didn’t exist. I was, in fact, completely opposite of this. The rednecks rode their tractors to school ( I wish I was making this up) and I was a cheerleader. I hope my kids never want to be cheerleaders.

  8. I try my best to make my husband have a three-step face regime so that his young, beautiful skin will stay young and beautiful. Despite finding very manly products he won’t give in and participate. I’m sure posting this here will not help my agenda whatsoever.

    Go ahead…play along.


destinationbeautiful (b-love) said...

What a great post! I didn't know any of those things. Thanks for sharing- and are you officially public now??

girl from the south said...

Ah, Mud Bowl. Goes to show you that an entire fraternity can hoodwink every sorority on campus into mud wrestling.

I used to look upon my MudBowl tshirt with pride. Now, it's embarrassment. I live in fear that someone will post those pixs on Facebook.

We each paid $10 to fight other girls in the most disgusting, rocky mud that I've ever seen. Them b****es were mean too!