Wednesday, January 23, 2008


All this chilly weather has my mind on vacation. Ok, so the fact that it is a new year has my mind on vacation. Ok, my mind is always in a resort with mojitos, a wine bar, and massages.

J and I are planning inexpensive mini-vacations this year to save up for a big vacation next year when he graduates with his MBA: Europe, get ready!

As soon as I got my raise, A pointed out that now I could come visit her in DC. Yea! I'm so glad she offered. She has a spare room so J and I are headed there in March for a four day weekend in the capital city. J hasn't been in several years and I've not been since November 2006 when I visited A. We'll do all the normal stuff but I also want to go to the top of the Washington Monument and to the Holocaust Museum, two things I've never done.

In April, J and are hoping a trip to Florida works out. He has a business trip to Orlando and hopefully I'll be able to tag along. We'll stay with my GG (great-grandmother) and get to visit my Grammy and aunts and uncles as well. We've not been there since October 2006 so this will be exciting. Even better is it will only be the cost of a rental car and my plane ticket and I'm hoping my Grammy will pony up for it because she spoils me like that..

J is taking me backpacking/camping this spring as well. May the force be with me.

Then the end of summer/first of fall will be the big splurge. We're planning a week long retreat to a snaz resort with the S's. I can only imagine the fun to be had and the debauchery to ensue. We've not nailed down the location just yet, but I've heavily pulling for the one with the lazy river. An entire week of floating around with a nice cold beer or mint julep. Bliss! Also don't tell J that I've scheduled a photoshoot on the beach because how cute will we be at sunset in coordinating outfits? It's never to early to think about Christmas card photos.

That's all that is on the agenda, thus far which doesn't include small roadtrips (at least two to West Virginia, one to Memphis, and I'm sure a dozen or so to Chattanooga.) However I'm hoping if there is any money left in the vacation account I can get a trip to Charleston, SC. I love that place and we've not been there since we were engaged in 2005.

So tell me, what are your vacation plans this year? Anyone up for a lazy river with me and Mrs. S? I'll bring the tequila, you bring the limes!


Amy said...

I am soooo ready for vacation!!!!! It is Febuary and it is SOOOOOOO cold, parts of my body hurt because it is sooo cold, and my dog does not like to go out. Lead the way to the lazy river and I will bring the wine, and the Lemon Drops!!! Please let warm weather come soon!!

Kristen Miller said...

Ooooh! Now you're speaking my language. ;) All of those sound wonderful! I wish I could meet you on the lazy river.

I have the Italy/Switzerland thing. Then I'm planning to visit Becky in Dallas and Audrey in Arkansas. Then I'll do a week in Gulf Shores at my Aunt and Uncles house. My step-dad mentioned Disney for Christmas which would be awesome...I think he may have been talking out of his bum though. Time will tell!

JayJenny said...

Count me in - I'm in need of a vacation too! It sounds like you're on the right track for vacay plans this year Mrs. M!!